Closing today…and the 16th

A reminder that postal entries close today for West Midlands Terrier (7th December) but you have until the 16th to enter online via Fossedata. Glen of Imaal Terriers will be judged by Mike Brown and, in honour and fond memory of previous get-togethers, the invitation is extended to take an odd sausage roll or two!

6 thoughts on “Closing today…and the 16th

    • I won’t flash his MBE but he is, what would be called now, an old fashioned stockman. Besides the Glens experience in small and large animal management

  1. Mike has been in the breed for 20+ years. Very knowledgeable, nice gentleman who cares about and has done a lot for the breed. Hope he gets a great entry. Sadly We’re not able to make it to the show.

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