Applause, applause!!

At Earls Court last weekend the Breed Health Awards ( joint venture between the Karlton Index and the Kennel Club ) were announced. Alison, as EFG Breed Health Representative, and Ruth represented the EFG and were pleased to hear praise for the Health Pages with special mention of the Health and Survey reports. The most exciting part was the Honorary Mention in the Innovation Award for the Lifetime Health Record Scheme and for us (and all Glen of Imaal Terrier people) the following quote “The EFG sets a wonderful example for a numerically small breed and the Lifetime Health Record sets an example that other breeds should follow!”

What a notice for Glens and what a compliment for Alison. Well done girl!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Applause, applause!!

  1. Well done Ali, this recognition is richly deserved. It’s so hard sometimes to be a pioneer and to keep going when things get tough… Feel proud and be encouraged!

  2. Alison, Well done for all the hard work you have put in. It makes it all so worthwhile and so on the behalf of EFG – THANK YOU.
    So sorry I could not get there but you know the circumstances, it would have been great to share the occasion.

  3. The award ceremony was a bit like the Oscars, with the nominees being announced and then a celebrity opening the envelope to reveal the winner. The Innovation category was won by the French Bullog Club, with their much publicised Bronze, Silver and Gold health testing scheme, and it was great to see the EFG being so highly praised in such company.

    Congratulations Ali and all of the Glen folk on this achievement.

  4. It was a good event … some amazing work being done by clubs and individuals. I’ve just received a link to the booklet “Breed Health Awards 2013”:

    Click to access KC_Breed-Health-Award_A4-Booklet-v2.pdf

    The very worthy winner of the Innovation award is on page 7 … fantastic uptake of their Bronze, Silver and Gold Health Scheme …

    The LHR is on page 10 … this is the feedback from the judges:

    “The Lifetime Health Record is truly innovative, Whilst this is a project which is easier to undertake in a small breed, I feel the group has recognised the importance of monitoring health issues over a number of years, and the paramount importance of veterinary involvement in this.”
    “The EFG sets a wonderful example for a numerically small breed. Their idea of a lifetime health record is an excellent one which other breeds ought to follow.”

    Maybe next time, we can take away a beautiful glass award and £250.00 for the Health Fund!

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