Belfast critique

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Puppy Dog No Entries.

Junior Dog (2).

1. Richards, Ballyclare Jerry, a strong masculine dog, up to size, head balanced of good width, defined stop, strong jaw, level bite, nice shoulders, well sprung ribs, strong loin, muscular hindquarters.

2. Perrie & Campbell, Poachersmoon Angus Mag Og, nice size, typey head, ok in ribs and body. Needs more confidence in the ring.

Post Graduate Dog No Entries.

Limit Dog (2 – 1a).

1. Rogers, Bregorrey Wannabe Victory By Jeonty, a soundly made dog of good type, good head and eye, well placed shoulders, good forequarters, and good ribs, nicely made body, strong loin, and good hindquarters. I have seen this dog move and perform better unfortunately his handler held him back today. Res. C.C.

Open Dog (1).

1. White’s, IR CH Abberann Karl, good type, good masculine head, and dark eye, well set ears, muscular neck, good shoulders and forequarters, and well sprung ribs, good body, strong loin, good, muscular hindquarters. Good outline and well balanced. Moved well with good driving free movement. CC and Best of Breed.

Puppy Bitch No Entries.

Junior Bitch (2).

1. Rogers, Jeonty Meme Fern, a soundly made bitch of good type, outline and overall balance. Good head, eye and expression, well set ears, strong jaw, good shoulders, front and forequarters, good ribs and body, good hindquarters. Moved with drive and showed well. C.C.

2. Richards, Romanville Cinders N Ashes, a nicely made bitch, very typical, nice head, ok in ribs and body, good hindquarters, a steady free mover.

Post Graduate Bitch No Entries.

Limit Bitch No Entries.

Open Bitch (2).

1. Sutton’s, IR CH Bailielands Leanbh Orga, nice size good outline and well balanced. Good head, neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs, lovely body, strong loin, good hindquarters, Moved and showed well.

2. White’s, CH/IR CH Abberann Ennya (CJW 07 CW 07 AN CH 11), nice size, good type, good head, nice shoulders, unfortunately caring to much weight today, which made her lethargic on the move.

Judge; Peter E. Bakewell.

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