And to sum it all up….

It has to be applause to the EFG as the highlight of 2013. After 16 years the Enthusiasts, Fanciers, Owners, Admirers, Followers, Supporters etc. etc. of the EFG said they thought it was time the Glen of Imaal Terrier world in the UK had another KC registered club (we’d been recognised for years) and the Kennel Club agreed with them. Probably the ultimate accolade of all this was the way the KC allowed “our name” to continue on “due to it being held in such high esteem”.

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club thanks everybody for their enthusiasm and support over the past years and hopes you’ll all be with us in 2014 so HAPPY NEW YEAR

Serious brains!

Some Glen of Imaal Terrier people were STILL out and about over Christmas.
Louise Lopez writes: Bucky completed 3 of the Nose Work elements successfully and earned a first place ribbon (well under 10 seconds) for his interior search! And his brother, Sullivan, while not quite as fast, completed all 4 elements (interior, exterior, vehicle, container) and earned his Nose Work I title. We took weekly classes for over 2 years and did lots of extra practicing before I trialled them. It’s a great sport for all sorts of dogs who are interested in following their noses. Oliver,Tula and Sullivan have titles now.

Nosework (not really known here by most) is “Inspired by working detection dogs, K9 Nose Work is the fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs and people”. The sport doesn’t seem to have a website in the UK but can be found at

What fabulous news for the last update post of 2013! The “Of the Year” Glens will be getting their own post so if anybody would like to let us know if their animal was number one in their respective country….



A fabulous finish…..

Monday is the day of recording Glen of Imaal Terrier triumphs the previous week. This year there have been more and more people sharing the brains of their dogs as well as their beauty so this, shared by Louise Lopez, makes a fabulous finish for 2013.

“Shameless brag about my dogs, as you may have deduced from the photo. Tula qualified (and placed 1st) in both Excellent Standard and Excellent Fast today and so earned her Excellent titles in both! She also qualified in Jumpers, earning her first Master’s leg. This is her first triple Q ever. But, wait! There’s more! We stuck around for Barn Hunt and both she and Sullivan qualified. What a lovely Christmas present!”

Great news Louise and Tula!!

2014 EFG Open Show Schedule now available

The Schedule for the first Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club Open Show is now available. It is to be held on Sunday April 20th 2014 at the Sports Connexion, Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry. The event will be held in conjunction with Birmingham Gundog & Terrier to enable all exhibitors, if they so wish, to take in two shows for only one lot of travelling costs! Schedules can either be downloaded or done in the old-fashioned traditional way of snail mail from

Timely reminder

Leptospirosis is now. It’s been a mild Autumn and the rats have been late moving but they are moving to winter quarters; how up to date are your Glen of Imaal Terrier’s jabs? Lepto is an expensive disease to treat and it can still be fatal. It’s commonly transmitted via water that has been contaminated by urine that comes into contact with breaks in the skin and under all that Glen hair such “breaks” are easy to miss. Just make sure the jabs are up to date instead.

Some weekend!

The triple Winner Weekend in Finland, Helsinki, Nordic & Finnish had excellent Glen of Imaal Terrier entries all three days. The respective Best of Breeds and Best Opposites over the three days were, Gleann Ungus MacGuire & Pearytail Artless Tess, Gleann Una Noonan & Gleann Ungus MacGuire with Rosears Humpty Dumpty and Gleann Una Noonan at the Finnish Winners.

The Eukanuba Cluster saw BOB and BOS going to GCH Abberann Abaigael and GCH Kilkenny’s Sullivan of Castlerock at the first two shows and at Eukanuba itself GCH Daulton’s Emerald Green was BOB with GCH Liberty’s Darren of Daulton BOS. The Amsterdam Winners saw Highlander’s Dream Arthor waved to the Glen BOB with Romainville Kyla at Knockcarrig BOS

Many congratulations to all.

Big showing weekend

The Eukanuba Challenge cluster of shows is currently on in the USA. It bills itself as the most exciting week of the year and there is live streaming in a couple of places. Obviously there are Glen of Imaal Terriers there and the breed has an extra claim to fame as Mary McDaniel (Finnabair) is the show vet.

The Finns may disagree with the Eukanuba statement as they have the Helsinki, Nordic and Finnish Winners cluster also this weekend all with over 20 Glens entered per show and, even though not as popular as it used to be, the Amsterdam Winners takes place in the Netherlands as well. What a weekend of dog showing!