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On Tuesday a 7 page .pdf was included. Glen of Imaal Terrier people are busy so for anybody who hasn’t got the time in the run up to Christmas here’s a summary:-

From the survey …

The majority of Glens in this survey (of 102) were over the maximum breed standard weight of 16kg:

Entire males 94%
Neutered males 79%
Entire females 58%
Spayed females 75%
Under 3 years old 54%

NB. The ‘Under 3 years old’ cohort will have both male and female, entire and neutered … but it is an interesting group to look at … by 3 years old, 54% are already over the maximum height in the breed standards.


Almost three-quarters (73%) of the survey population fell within the (US) standard for height i.e. 12½” – 14” with just 10% being over the (all standards) maximum standard height of 14”.

The height chart shows a nice Bell curve with 12” – 14” being at the top of the curve.

Perhaps all Glen breed standards should consider having a weight range of 12” – 14” …?


The trend is reversed when we look at weight, with three-quarters of the total survey population weighing over the maximum standard weight of 16kg. Neutered males and spayed females reflect this figure of around 75% being above the 16kg maximum weight. However, this figure rises considerably in the entire male cohort … to 94%. Based on this survey’s data, this makes it almost impossible for bitch owners to choose a stud dog that conforms to any of the current breed standards on weight. Even from the cohort of entire females, almost 60% were over 16kg.

If this data is representative of the Glen population, then to restrict breeding to males and females of the “breed standard” weight would severely limit choice and compromise genetic diversity within our numerically small breed.

Perhaps we should follow the UK and drop the weight clause from our breed standards … or introduce a weight range e.g. 15 – 20.5kg … this represents the 75% of the survey population that are within one standard deviation of the mean weight of 17.7kg.

Has there always been this variance in weight?
Is it time to review the weight clause in our breed standards?
Should we have Mini, Standard and Giant Glens?
Should we do another, more extensive survey?