Big showing weekend

The Eukanuba Challenge cluster of shows is currently on in the USA. It bills itself as the most exciting week of the year and there is live streaming in a couple of places. Obviously there are Glen of Imaal Terriers there and the breed has an extra claim to fame as Mary McDaniel (Finnabair) is the show vet.

The Finns may disagree with the Eukanuba statement as they have the Helsinki, Nordic and Finnish Winners cluster also this weekend all with over 20 Glens entered per show and, even though not as popular as it used to be, the Amsterdam Winners takes place in the Netherlands as well. What a weekend of dog showing!

1 thought on “Big showing weekend

  1. why do the big dog shows like crufts always over look the glen, does this happen in other countrys ? are they blind? they seem to say a couple of nice words about the glen, then that’s it for another year then the same thing over and over. I don’t know a dog that stops so many people in the street as the glen, they always want to know what breed of dog it is ,whilst getting a hug and a big wet nose in their face in the process. I thought the dog Dillon, I think his name was last year in crufts was a great looking glen and he got over looked like he wasn’t there. I would like to see a nice light wheaten dog go through this year, as I think it’ll catch non glen peoples eyes more. im not saying that the wheaten is the best colour, just think it shows out more to these blind judges and commentators.

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