And to sum it all up….

It has to be applause to the EFG as the highlight of 2013. After 16 years the Enthusiasts, Fanciers, Owners, Admirers, Followers, Supporters etc. etc. of the EFG said they thought it was time the Glen of Imaal Terrier world in the UK had another KC registered club (we’d been recognised for years) and the Kennel Club agreed with them. Probably the ultimate accolade of all this was the way the KC allowed “our name” to continue on “due to it being held in such high esteem”.

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club thanks everybody for their enthusiasm and support over the past years and hopes you’ll all be with us in 2014 so HAPPY NEW YEAR

9 thoughts on “And to sum it all up….

  1. happy new year everyone, and a happy new year to all glens world wide, and to all their owners, and a big happy new year to the great people who breed glen of imaal terriers,i just want to say thank you for having the chance to have a glen in my life, i have had paddy for 2 years now, best thing that ever happend to me. STEPHEN HOLMES you are the GUVNER, thanks mate, and have a great new year.

  2. I must be honest i think 1 club is more than enough their are not enough breeders and or stud dog owners to fill a large family saloon in the UK, I have no viewpoint either way on which club is the better they like ourselves we have good points and bad points i leave the show politics to the 2 clubs i still think that “tickets” have been the biggest negative for the breed along side the idiotic and uncalled for and un-needed breed standard changes by the english kc. Which were opposed by many yet decided by an unnamed committee which would not give its reasons, Thats why here you see some very straight fronted Glens” wheatens” that are also blue or brindle.
    My wish that the show world would start thinking beyond ticktets and rosettes and start being far more freindly and welcome newcomersinto the breed!!!

  3. Happy new year to all good health and happiness to all and for real co-operation amongst all Glen owners regardless.

  4. Im looking forward to the amalgamation with the Cesky’s. We really can start to water down working dogs then.

  5. Mrs A glens can get to ground as Ceskys work in Slovakia lets keep this to a club basis i think we should stick to Glen club/s im surprised at the Glen/Cesky thought! i just think were to small and its purely a personal opinion favouring neither club.

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