Speaking of critiques.

Looking back over 2013 Glen of Imaal Terriers didn’t do bad for critiques but four still seem to be missing! If anybody has seen anything of Midland Counties, Darlington, Leeds or Crufts do let us know. Jamie and Jeff (Midland Counties and Darlington) you are still within the 6 months period so how about a bit of writing? If you’ve done it and somehow its been missed apologies are wholeheartedly offered and do reshare it with us all. Allan and Nick (Leeds and Crufts) the above applies to you of course but have you realised that it is now OVER SIX months? Kennel Club rules, plus courtesy to exhibitors that have paid over £20 for your opinion, indicates that you are both now officially considered “naughty boys”.

If either of the Breed Club secretaries-or any of the exhibitors on the relevant days-would like to Kennel Club and remind them of the breach of rules we’d love to see the reply…..if you get one.