“Special Awards” critique

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association Championship Special Awards Classes  held on Saturday 7th December 2013 I would like to thank the Secretary and Committee for allowing me to judge the “Special Award Classes” at the breed Association’s Championship Show. It was an excellent opportunity to go over quality exhibits.

Special Award Junior Dog or Bitch (2)

1st Hardy’s Amhard High Flyer – 13 ½ month old dog who I am sure will live up to his kennel name. I was immediately impressed with his over all balance and substance. The origins of this breed require it to have great strength to enable it to pull badgers from holes, which requires strong jaws and foreface, along with a strong front and shoulders. This young man filled these requirements. Well balanced throughout. Covered the ground with purpose. 2nd Gorge & Sullivan’s Romainville Fade to Grey – very feminine 7 month old young lady. Muscular neck and strong front  and rear quarters, showing plenty of promise for one so young.

Special Award Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (8,1a)

good strong head with ample width over skull , kindest of eyes . Ample bone and muscle and correct, slightly turned out front legs. Correct hard textured coat with the soft undercoat attributed to this breed. Moved with purpose. S Grizzlemarsh Dorathea. Another bitch with a strong head so characteristic of the breed. Balanced throughout with good topline which was maintained whilst on the move. s Donvalset Liffy at Arkview

Special Award Open Dog or Bitch (5,1(a) )

1st Quinn’s Kirikee Ronan O’Gara  – Mature Dog who filled my eye from the minute he stepped into the ring. Most handsome of heads which at the same time remains strong and masculine as the breed standard requires. Lovely harsh textured coat with required soft undercoat. Excellent front assembly with powerful neck and shoulders and strong back end. Correct topline raised over the loin, which he maintained on the move. 2nd  George & Sullivan’s Romainville Miss Moneypenny – I was amazed to see that this  girl was seven years young! Different type to the winner but shown in excellent condition, with plenty of bone and muscle. Balanced bitch slightly longer in body than her height, which the standard calls for. Well proportioned throughout. 3rd Fraser’s Kirikee Celtic Warrior. 4th Squires Young May Moon

Jenny Lowe

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