We love COI!!

The words Co-efficient of Inbreeding has certainly intrigued the Glen of Imaal Terrier world if the number of articles sent to share with everybody is anything to go by. This is the latest forwarded on for reading and consideration.

1 thought on “We love COI!!

  1. It is a wonderfull thing that it is now possible to see the COI on the site of the Kennelclub. Of course this concerns English dogs only. As our breeds tends to become more and more closely bred it is very important to check the COI before the mating takes place. Many litters have a COI number of 25% and more nowadays ! Therefore I would like to point to the database of Zooeasy. On that database the other countries are involved as well. The database goes back as far as 10 generations, sometimes more. So it is most reliable. It is very easy to handle. Accounts are free of charge. Available on http://www.irishglenofimaalterriers.nl
    Malinka Lingmont

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