Just over 2 weeks to go..

There is just over 2 weeks to go until Terrier day at Crufts. The entry of 26 Glen of Imaal Terriers (12 dog, 14 bitches) for Mel Hardy will mean a very early start as the breed is in the ring at 9.00am and a Friday is not usually a good travelling day for early morning traffic. At least it should mean everybody who wishes, except the Best of Breed of course, will be able to leave the NEC at a decent hour and avoid the teatime crush!

8 thoughts on “Just over 2 weeks to go..

  1. Yes Jan,me Jason and Rachel are on Discover dogs friday 0800 to 1330 with Ben and Nell.

  2. Early start, breed judging finished in good time – but you can’t leave until 4 pm – just in time for the Friday afternoon rush hour!!!

    • I am aware of that Mr H (having done more than my fair share of DD stints over the years) – but spare a thought for your less fortunate breed enthusiasts who will be waiting for the mad rush to get out of the door and into the traffic queues at 4 pm.

      Us, with our Pesky Cesky -we’ll probably still be waiting to even get into the ring, and hoping that we aren’t trampled underfoot in the confusion.

  3. Yes Mr A i do feel for you a suggestion for people is if you only have 1 or 2 dogs and are coming from the south park up at either Hampton in Arden/Coventry or Leamington and go by train.

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