Is it sympathies to the Skye Terrier people?

Do the Kennel Club ever come up with anything original? This press release, obviously in the pre-Crufts flurry, is the exactly the same rubbish they turned out for Glen of Imaal Terriers a few years ago and it took a very long time for the fallout to subside. Suddenly some Glen puppies appeared at £1500 because…..they were as rare as Giant pandas. Bitches sold not for breeding had puppies because……fill it in. Glen Services even had more than one person phone them up to ask if they had any Glen males in because they would take them and mate them to (fill in the blank) and then the pups would be half Glens and as they were as rare as……….they would be valuable. The list went on and on and that phrase “rare as” was quoted everytime. Many Glen people were in total disbelief of the “help” the KC had given us and when the BBC ran with it there was just despair in some quarters.

To be fair though Ronnie Irving, then Chairman of the KC, when approached regarding the problems being caused by their statement did say that the numbers quoted by them were for only one year in one country and possibly did not accurately reflect the state of Glens worldwide. With this and numbers from other countries (there had never been so many of the breed as there was at that current time) it was managed to get the article removed off the BBC websites as it was proven that it was “inaccurate and without real factual base”.

Who knows though perhaps it might do the Skyes some good, somehow, and it will bring the positive reaction they feel it may but it certainly didn’t do a lot for Glens to be “selected” for a KC Press Release!

1 thought on “Is it sympathies to the Skye Terrier people?

  1. Liz do you remember we had a litter at the time my god we got some lets say “interesting people on the phone” “ave you got one of them glen terriers but we want a bitch ! after 2 mins on the phone it was dont us we will call you!
    This sort of thing requires proper management yes i remember having a number of interesting chats with you Liz over that one!

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