Terrier Day Tomorrow…and a chance to get some DNA swabs

Tomorrow is the day to see Glen of Imaal Terriers being exhibited so the check list is:-

1) Hall 1, ring 2 for a 9.00am start. (Post Graduate Dog is first in)

2) Passes and leads in the bag

3) Map in the car

4) Read the following:-

Ali Seall will be bringing some DNA swab kits along to Crufts on Friday and will be at the benches in the morning and on the Glen stand at Discover Dogs in the afternoon. Swab kits are £5.00. This £5.00 donation goes to the Amimal Health Trust to cover the cost of the kit and storage of the swabs. It would be helpful if folk could print off and complete a DNAkit_request form for each of the Glens they wish to swab. If owners would prefer to get their swabs after Crufts, they can visit www.efghealth.co.uk/dna_archive.html where there are the options to pay by cheque or via PayPal or debit/credit card.

5) Headache pills and comfortable shoes

Tomorrow the blog’ll be late going up as a first is being attempted-actual time reporting. As Glens are early in the fingers will be typing from ringside (hopefully) so visit us after 10!

….and if you want to see Glens but can’t visit the NEC tomorrow remember Discover Dogs will have all breeds for the whole four days of the show and that certainly includes us!!!!

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  1. Also please check your screenwash levels & take spare solution as the motorways around the NEC spray up the stickiest & yukkiest grunge of any road I know – including the A46 mudbath.

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