Still at Crufts….

Terrier Day at Crufts may have been Friday but up in Discover Dogs Glen of Imaal Terriers were there for all four days. Obviously humans were present as well but the roll call of honour must mention Tegan, Ruairi, Jelly, Gill, Ben, Nell, Dylan, Storm, Murphy, Tilly, Sonny, Riley, Lady, Jet, Betty, Victor & Woody. You did us proud!

There was also a fleeting glimpse of the Glen booth on Friday’s television coverage. It’s at 22 seconds but it can definitely be seen. Other Glen of Imaal Terrier people, besides Ruth and Typhoon, appeared in the big ring at Crufts. Wendy Tobijanski was there for the 5th time with the incredible Ceska and Caitlin and Karen Forbes were both there. One with the number boards and the other handling a PBGV in the Breeders Final. Anymore Glen connections to share?