It’s all relative….

One of the things that came up again and again on the Glen of Imaal Terrier booth at Crufts was the question of numbers? Visitors kept quoting figures (occasionally things the Kennel Club put out are noticed) and some people most ably manning the Discover Dogs fort were not sufficiently experienced in the entire history of Glens to understand and explain so were inadvertently giving out incorrect information.

Fact: The Glen of Imaal Terrier¬†did¬†only register 55 with the Kennel Club in 2013. (This doesn’t take into account the unregistered ones.) Looking at this number, compared with the 5,000+ of Staffords, it could be thought that Glens were in dire danger of extermination but the full story is far different. 50 years ago the breed was only really known-and not very well-on a rock off the west coast of Europe. 30 odd years ago comments were still being made by well informed dog people of “is that a Glen of Imaal? I thought they were virtually extinct”. There are quite a few exhibitors still around who remember (and knew) the first Glens into their own country.

Glen of Imaal Terriers are now on 5 Continents and the numbers continue to multiply in a careful manner so thanks for asking but there isn’t any need for real concern; there have never been so many worldwide!