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I’m getting in touch from a London-based production company called RDF Television, where we’re making a two-part documentary series for BBC Two. The programmes will be observational, following the development of different puppies in the first year of their lives, in a variety of British homes.

We are currently searching nationwide for the families who will appear in our documentary, who are about to bring home a new puppy for the first time. I wanted to let you have a few details outlining some ways you may be able to help with our search for families about to welcome new puppies into their household.

Our angle is to explore what’s involved in first time puppy ownership (because it’s quite an undertaking, as you know!). We would like to begin filming with families during the exciting moment when they collect their new puppy and continue the onward journey with them. How will the puppy settle into its new home during the separation period from its mother? How have the family prepared for the arrival of their new pet? Are there financial considerations for the family? What do they need to consider in terms of time commitments, routine, feeding, exercising, training, and socialising their puppy? What has motivated their decision and what benefits do they hope to enjoy? Maybe more time together outdoors, companionship, improved fitness and wellbeing, a greater sense of compassion and responsibility in their children?

The filming would involve dipping in and out at key moments between now and the winter of this year. So we’d film the milestones in the puppy’s first year, such as collection, getting home, the first walk, the first trip to the vet, the first meeting with other dogs, training efforts and so on. It would be a case of planned visits to cover these times in the puppy’s life, roughly around one or two per month, rather than constantly having a television crew around!

We plan to follow about six or seven puppies across the two programmes and the documentaries will also include expert content about the puppies’ health, development, and behaviour.

It’s a warm, positive insight into what’s involved in taking on a puppy and we’re looking for people who are about to take one home.

I wondered whether, having read my email, you might be prepared to pass on our information to anyone you may know who is planning on picking up a puppy in the next few weeks, in case they would be interested in taking part in an exciting project like this. It’s a fantastic way of documenting the puppy’s first year and the way their family grows to adapt to their new life with a dog. We would love to hear from them and I shall be more than happy to answer any questions if they’d like to know more.

The link to the programme’s Facebook page is: and the website is:

I can be reached on 0207 013 4064 should you want to contact me by telephone.

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