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02 Apr

There was a bit of debate as to whether this and the accompanying gallery should appear on here or not. Notwithstanding the sloppy use of species, rather than breed, it’s the sort of publicity not really liked by the more responsible longstanding Glen of Imaal Terrier owners who have seen the bother this sort of publicity brings. The status of rare plus pound signs is what sticks in people’s brains and it doesn’t matter that they are told by¬†folk, who actually know that they are on about, that there are more of the breed than there have ever been. It’s a nice picture of Ben though and if anybody enquiring about Glens mentions it you’ll know what they are referring to.


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2 responses to “In case you are contacted….

  1. Stephen Holmes

    April 2, 2014 at 9:46 pm

    Yes a good picture of Ben hes a good diplomat for the breed on DD, gamefairs or wherever he goes hes laid back and behaves and people like him. I frankly dont give a monkeys for what anyone else thinks to be honest about the photographs.Myself and Jason who were manning DD while the breed was being judged were approached by a KC rep and asked if one of us would mind having are dog photographed.
    Jason asked me has he normally does press stuff if were together i went met a nice chap who photographed Ben all i was told was that it may be in the Observer end of. I then found out he was in the paper i had a look and liked the photographs of him, What made me smile was their was a debate as wether to show it on here!. I ve got to be honest that made me laugh.
    Who had a debate ? the PM !! just say between who and why i find it frankly laughable .A debate about a photograph of Ben and not even a statement from myself in the article hardly trying to sell the breed! I suggest next time those having the debate give me a ring 01608-650615 and get the facts.

  2. Stephen Holmes

    April 2, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    Oh and who are the people “who know what their on about” ? lets have the list then Liz!

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