Tail Docking of Dogs and Dew Claw Removal by Lay Persons – Now Illegal

It is an offence for any Lay person to perform any procedure on a dog for cosmetic reasons, with no exception (Tail Docking and Dew Claws removed). Furthermore it is now an offence to show any dog that has had a cosmetic procedure, or any other illegal procedure performed upon them since the 6th March 2014. (This does not apply to dogs docked or dew claws removed before the 6th March2014)
Tail docking and dew claw removal of dogs by Veterinary Practitioners is illegal, except in very limited circumstances, therapeutic reasons (i.e. to treat existing illness or injury where a Veterinary Practitioner’s professional opinion is that there is no other option but to perform the procedure). There is, however, a Ministerial Regulation (4) permitting Veterinary Practitioners to perform these procedures on certain breeds if the individual pup is intended to be a working dog, and provided a list of other criteria are met.
The view of the Kennel Club is that dew claws can still be removed by a lay person