More from the EFG Show

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Class results;-

PD & JD 1. Romainville Jazzman (BPIS)

PGD 1. Pajantic Star Trooper (RBD) 2.Jeonty Dinky Doughnut

OD 1. Bregrorrey Wannabee Victory By Jeonty

VD 1. Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad (BIS, BV), 2.Brockland Blackadder At Malsville, 3. Donvalset Rebus

JB 1. Romainville Fade To Grey, 2. Romainville Lady’s First

PGB 1. Ellerton Dusky Beauty (RBB)

LB 1. Bregrorrey Madam Defiance (BB RBIS), 2. Jeonty Meme Fern, 3. Romainville Inki, 4. Donvalset Domino

OB 1. CH Jeonty Maybee Daisy, 2. Bregrorrey Lady Belleisle, 3. Ch Romainville Aoiife At Pajantick

VB. 1. Pajantick Sorrel, 2. Jeonty Red Clover


Generous donations of specials and a carload of food from Royal Canin meant no one went home empty handed. The stained glass glens for the exhibitor ring number draw were much admired.

If anyone has any photos from the day please send them to for inclusion.