SKC critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

Pleased to record that all have correct mouths.

JD (2) Two really good pups.1 White’s Abberann Phelan, he has a super head, just right for width or skull. Strong muzzle, super ears. Correct length of neck. Well laid shoulder. Super legs, just the right amount of bow. Well bodied. His topline is better moving than stood. Well muscled rear. Could just use rear better on move, but still only a baby. Very good in front. Thought he had lots of quality. CC & BOB;

2 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Jazz Man, not quite the head & front of 1, but has a slightly better rear & coat. Head has enough width, just not the strength of muzzle of 1. Correct neck. Well bowed front. Correct topline. Well sprung ribs. Well made rear. RCC.

PGD (2) 1 Hardy’s Amhard High Flyer, good moving young dog, just a bit between coats at the moment. Liked his head, correct eye & expression with well set ears. Very good shoulder, correct upper arm, but elbows could be tighter. Certainly has rise in his topline. Big rear;

2 Perrie & Campbell’s Poachersmoon Angus Mag Og, coat could look a bit tidier. Has a super head & a really lovely eye & expression. Neck is long enough but slightly forward in shoulder. Well sprung ribs, rise in topline. Can firm in rear.

LD (1) 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Billy Wizz, very good mover. Has a masculine head. Super eye & pigment, well set ears. Correct neck. Could have just a bit more angulation in his front. Bowed legs. Well sprung ribs. A tad long in loin. Correct topline. Well muscled rear. Coat could be harsher.

OD (1) 1 White’s Ir Ch/Cib Ch Abberann Karl, has a lovely head, typical expression. Super strength to his muzzle. Enough neck. Front assembly is just a bit forward & stands very wide in front, but OK on move. Well sprung ribs. Typical topline. Could have just a bit more hind angulation.

VD (0).

JB (1)1 Hardy’s Amhard Indy Kate, feminine bitch, but still with strength of head & width of body. Super eye & expression. Strong & lengthy neck. Could have a better shoulder & legs rather straight. Round feet. Well sprung ribs. Topline rises. Needs a little more hind angulation.

PGB (0).

LB (1) 1 Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl, feminine bitch, good outline, which she holds on the move. Liked her head, super eye & expression. Well set ears. Strong neck. Good front. Well ribbed with correct length of loin. Rise in topline. Would like more turn of stifle & hock. Just a bit close out & back. Lovely coat. CC.

OB (1)1 White’s Ch/Ir/Cib Ch Abberann Ennya, 9 years bitch, lovely head. Has a strong neck. Good width of chest. Fairly good front. Just a little soft in topline & coat is rather long, but still of good texture. Low hocks. Fair turn of stifle. Not muscle of the limit. RCC.

VB (0).


National Terrier critique


MPD (1) 1 Whitehouse & McBrine’s Knockcarrig Anamcha, pleasing puppy with lots of character, good stop & well set eye, head & body developing along correct lines, moved well with drive.

PD (1)s Romainville Jazzman, good looking brindle of good size, shape & proportions for age, head developing well, pleasing eye, good back skull, ribcage & muscletone, moved out freely with drive. All together won him BP.

JD (2) 1 White’s Abberann Phelan, this lad is still a puppy, well developed head with correct head planes, good forehand ribs & substance but not over done, would like a little more length in body, moved out strongly; 2 Hardy’s Amhard High Flyer, liked this lad’s body proportions, balanced head & nice well set eye & ears, good angles front & rear, moved well, just needs to mature.

PGD (3,1a) 1 Withers’ Pajantick Star Trooper, wheaten with good overall balance, well off for stop, good eye, strong neck, slight lift to firm loin, strong mover with drive which won him the class; 2 Squires’ Bendikes Edward Bear, brindle with correct head & eye, good ribcage, level topline, moved OK, lacked drive.

LD (1) 1 George & Sulivan’s Romainville Billy Whizz, this good looking wheaten was a puppy last time I judged him, now fulfilling his promise, pleasing head planes of correct proportions, good depth to brisket & width of chest, nicely angulated, moved efficiently showing off his attributes, pushed hard for top honours.

OD (5) Super class. 1 White’s Ir Ch Cib Ch Abberann Karl, masculine all through with plenty of substance but not over done in any way, powerful head, well set eye, strong neck & front assembly, good spring of rib, strong loin, in firm condition, well muscled rear, coat of correct texture, moved like a train, well handled. CC; 2 Rogers’ Bregorrey Wannabe Victory by Jeonty, another all male, not in his best coat today so nothing hidden, masculine, balanced head, nice expressive eye, good lay of shoulder & depth to brisket, firm loin, moved freely front, rear & side. RCC; 3 Hadley’s Donvaleset Rebus.

PB (4,1) 1 George & Sulivan’s Romainville Fade To Grey, liked her overall size & shape, good height to length ratio, feminine head, pleasing expression from well set eye, positive in movement, covered the ground with ease; 2 White’s Abberann Dervla, balanced head pattern with pleasant eye, good lay of shoulder, clean on withers, slightly shorter in body length than winner, moved OK; 3 Harvey’s Romainville Ladys First.

PGB (4,2) 1 Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl, loved her balanced shape & size, feminine head, correct stop & eye set, pleasing expression, good depth & width of chest, firm loin, moved soundly all ways; 2 Ashcroft’s Romainville Moira, attractive head, good shoulders, brisket & ribcage, tidy feet, moved well.

LB (3,1) 1 George & Sulivan’s Romainville Jean Genie, another attractive pleasing bitch from this well known kennel, always shown in immaculate condition, feminine head, clean stop, dark eye, alert expression, good forequarters & rear angles, strong neck onto good shoulders, depth of chest, firm topline, just needs to settle in movement. RCC; 2 Rogers’ Jeonty Meme Fern, nice type of head with pleasing eye, good neck, forechest well ribbed up, moved OK.

OB (4,1) Good class.1 Harley’s Ch Donvaleset Brier, always liked this bitch & she did not let me down today, super type of bitch, balanced body shape, correct ratios showing strength & substance to do the work required but still feminine. Head correct proportions, well set eye & ear cartridge, enough foreface & back skull, excellent forehand, nicely laid shoulders & depth & width of chest, slight rise to firm loin, in great condition & muscle tone, moved out freely & strongly, covered the ground with ease, a pleasure to award her the CC; 2 White’s Ch/Ir Ch Abberann Ennya, slightly shorter in length than winner but still balanced, feminine head, good width, nicely laid shoulders, clean on withers with good depth to brisket, firm strong loin, moved well particular front & side; 3 Withers’ Romainville Aoife at Pajantick.


Glen Association Open Show?

We’ve had a couple of queries about the Glen Association Open Show. We were told the details were going to be sent for here but they haven’t turned up and neither, as far as can be seen, are they in the “shows closing” section of the dog papers. Sure it’s just a hiccup in communication and Anne ( will be able to help out if you email her.

And who was where?

Bath Championship Show was rather wet but Glen of Imaal Terrier people were there. Best of Breed, and his 20th CC, was Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad with the Bitch CC going to Bregorrey Lady Belleisle. A cluster of shows in Ohio saw 4 Best of Breeds for GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned plus a Group 4 and 2 Group 3s. Three times his Best Opposite was CH Emerald Isle Sweet Molly Malone with Daulton and once GCH Daulton Emerald Green. Daulton’s Dark Lily of Caradoc was Best Puppy and also nodded into the number 2 slot in the Puppy Group. In the States and owner handled Group is also scheduled (due to the number of professional handlers) and Glens placed in that Group on two days; a group 3 for Paddington of Tipperary and a group 4 for GCH Liberty’s Darren of Daulton.

Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone, not yet 12 months old, finished his Beginners Novice Obedience title and obtained 2 legs towards his Rally Novice Title. Fabulously well done to griffin and “not bad at all” to the other winners over the weekend!!!

Already it’s November

From the Kennel Club:

All dog lovers will go to heaven at London’s Discover Dogs event, which will see more than 3,000 canine cuties under the Earls Court roof, on 8thand 9thNovember.

Tickets are now on sale for one of London’s most unique events, which last year welcomed almost 35,000 dog lovers, who came to meet and greet nearly 200 breeds of dog, to shop ’til they dropped for dog related products, and to watch fun four-legged displays and competitions.

“There is no other event quite like Discover Dogs. We have almost 200 different pedigree dog breeds, of all shapes and sizes that people can meet and find out if they would be good for their lifestyle. This includes the most popular Labradors and French Bulldogs all the way through to those rare breeds that you will rarely ever see on the streets, such as the Otterhound and the Lancashire Heeler” says Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary.

“Not only does the event have a massive cute factor, but it also helps people to make responsible choices when buying a dog and about caring for, training and living with dogs too. There are hundreds of trade stands selling everything from glitzy collars to delicious delicacies for dogs, and the agility displays and Scruffts semi-final for crossbreeds are always huge crowd pleasers.”

The idea behind Discover Dogs, which is sponsored by Eukanuba and dog friendly Metro Bank, is to create a fun, family event that celebrates our unique relationship with dogs, in addition to informing people about the importance of choosing the right breed for their lifestyle and making sure they buy a puppy responsibly.

Caroline continues: “There are thousands of dogs that come in to breed rescue centres every year, simply because their owners are no longer able to cope. We have more information at our fingertips than ever before, but people continue to buy dogs on a whim because of how the dog looks or because it is simply the one they are most familiar with due to celebrities, or the man next door. Discover Dogs helps people to learn more about dogs and to make the best choices that they can.

” VIPs and celebrities who came out in force to support the event last year included Merlin actor Anthony Head, radio DJ Sara Cox, the Geldof family and Olympic swimmer, Sharron Davies. Tickets cost £13.20 or £9.90 for concessions and under 12s go free. For more information and to buy tickets visit

Remember Oscar?

Glen Services asked if anybody would be willing to foster a Glen of Imaal Terrier whilst his owner sorted out housing problems. This has been received from her:-

“Delighted to tell you that (I think) a temporary home for Oscar. He’s going to ********* who has an 18 month male.  Oscar has been there a week now and appears to have settled down well.  He’s not barking and has stopped gnawing at his foot. The other dog has never lived with another animal and initially was rather unsure about the idea.  However, he’s now playing with Oscar and they share a basket which is great news.

Thank you so very much for all your help in our moment of panic!  Calmer waters are clearly ahead now.

Thank you a million times again! Take care”

That’s one boy hopefully sorted but there have been two other Glens out there and unfortunately both were in Rescue Kennels that, thank you but no, did not require assistance from any Breed Rescue. It isn’t even sure that one was a Glen as the size and weight given for a supposedly mature animal was incredibly small. They didn’t need any leaflets to pass onto new owners and they didn’t need a Glen expert to go along and assess him. The Kennels that he was in are very well known for giving the dogs in their care pedigree identification and thus boosting the adoption fee but we may obviously be being just a little cynical here. He has now been rehomed so hopefully he is (Glen or not) very sorted.

The other Glen is in America and this certainly is a cousin of us all as the pedigree is known. This Rescue Kennel also doesn’t want breed assistance so she stays in Kennels! Does anybody know anybody who can give a home to a Glen in Florida? McKenzie has been there a while and would surely appreciate a permanent berth.

Busy, busy, busy!

Glen of Imaal Terrier people were certainly out and about over the last weekend. A different result at Scottish Kennel Club with both the Dog CC and Reserve CC going to puppies rather than fully mature dogs-that is a critique is being awaited with interest. Congratulations to Abberann Phelan (Dog CC & BOB), Romainville Jazzman(Res Dog CC), Romainville Uptown Girl (Bitch CC) and Ch Abberann Ennya (Reserve Bitch CC). In Ireland BOB at Hibernian was Poachersmoon Sissy McGinty whilst in Finland Glenrosedale Ardal Ridire Ain Ri was BOB at Joensuu and Rosears High-Five was BOB, and became a new Champion- at Rauma.

In the USA two Group placements were recorded over the weekend: GCH Daulton’s Emerald Green was BOB and Group 3 in Terrier Owner Handled at Blennerhassett and Glentyrs Lady Isabelle at Castlerock was Group 4 at Greater Kingsport. In Holland the Dutch Glen Association had a very successful Puppy, Junior, Offspring & Veterans Day and at Ustka (Poland) Firhir Glen Limited Edition took BOB.

Firhir Glen Limited Edition

Rosears High Five

Well done to everybody!!!

Continuing with health

Glen of Imaal Terrier people are adopting Health. Some folk will say it should be done faster, some won’t really see the point of a lot of it but it IS being done. Possibly a little too gently for some but things that are done gently have a way of getting into the psyche far faster than things that are rammed down the throat. What delivers that profound thought? The number of times articles/thoughts regarding health are forwarded for here & the consideration of readers; it used to be very unusual for even one a quarter now they appear far more often. This one, Canine Genetics and Epidemiology, is “a peer-reviewed, open access, online journal publishing original research and review articles relating to all aspects of canine genetics and epidemiology.” Yes, it’s a bit heavy but if nothing else have a look what is “most viewed”.