BVA/KC Eye testing

02 May

The EFG annual BVA/KC eye testing will be held on Saturday 12 July at Hedge Green Cottage, Blackjack Road,Swineshead, Boston, Lincs. PE20 3HH. Peter Bedford will be testing and appointments are required.

(From early June) ring Sheila on 01507 313904 or email

This all ALL BREED not just Glen of Imaal Terriers



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5 responses to “BVA/KC Eye testing

  1. Alison

    May 2, 2014 at 9:34 am

    Eye testing in Glens seems to have “gone out of fashion” since the DNA test for crd3 became available in 2010 … but it IS still important for us to continue to screen our dogs and monitor eye health in the breed.

    Breed monitoring does not just mean eye testing breeding stock, which ought to have up-to-date eye test certificates at time of mating, but ALL our Glens! πŸ˜‰

    It would be helpful for every Glen to have at least one eye test during its lifetime … so, if you’re coming to the EFG FunDay on Saturday 12th July with a Glen, please think about contacting Sheila (details above) to make an appointment. For more information about eye testing, please see the link below …


    Alison, EFG Health Coordinator

    • Alison

      May 3, 2014 at 5:45 am

      Someone has asked about age of eye testing … my suggestion is:

      If you’re coming to the FunDay with a Glen that is over 2 years old and never had an eye test, then go for it … please!

      If you’re coming to the FunDay with a Glen that is over 10 years old and never been eye tested, then please do try to have this done. Thank you!

      If you are planning on breeding from your bitch, or using your dog at stud this year, please ensure that both are eye tested prior to planned mating … (as well as the DNA test for crd3).

      The eye test involves your Glen having some drops in his/her eyes to dilate the pupil, so that the examining vet can easily examine the back of the eye in a darkened room. The procedure is quick and painless!

      This section of the above link might help regarding frequency of eye testing:

      • Alison

        May 3, 2014 at 12:42 pm

        I have received the following query … “My Glen’s parents are Clear, so does he need to be tested?”

        There still seems to be some confusion regarding [i] the DNA test for crd3 and [ii] EYE testing. Many people are using the term “eye test” when they are actually talking about the “DNA test” … but these are two totally different tests …

        DNA test (for crd3)

        This is a one-off blood test that has to be sent to a specialist laboratory in either Germany or America. A certificate is provided with the result ‘Clear’ (+ +) or ‘Carrier’ (+ -) or ‘Affected’ (- -).

        The DNA test is really for BREEDERS, to ensure “SAFE” matings i.e. at least one parent must be DNA tested “Clear” or have known “Hereditary Clear” status, so that puppies are not at risk of developing crd3, which is the Glen variant of progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).

        Any litter born after August/Sept 2010 should have DNA tested (or known Hereditary Clear) parents, as the test has been available since June 2010.

        If your Glen (born after Aug/Sept 2010) is from unknown status parents, then some owners will wish to have their Glen DNA tested … details of what to do can be found on the link at the end of my first post (above) or you are very welcome to contact me (Alison):

        Here is a list of the litters born since the DNA test became available:

        (Names in black are those Glens for whom there is no record of a DNA test result for crd3).

        More detailed information can be found in the leaflet “Progressive Retinal Atrophy : From the first diagnosis of PRA to DNA testing for GPRA-crd3” : as well as the information on the EFGHealth website.

        EYE testing

        The eye test is a quick, simple, painless procedure for the dog! S/he will have drops put into each eye about 20 minutes of so before the test, to dilate the pupils … and then a certified ophthalmologist (eye vet) will examine the eyes in a darkened room. A certificate will be issued with the result ‘Unaffected’ or ‘Affected’ for any particular condition that is being looked for.

        EYE testing (screening) is for ALL Glens … to help monitor eye health within the breed.

        Eye testing screens for a number of known hereditary eye diseases. The more Glens that are tested, the better picture we will build up of Glen eye health. IF in the future, another eye condition starts to be seen with increasing frequency in the breed, we can look into initiating a research project (like the projects which eventually identified the rogue gene that causes crd3) … (please DNA Archive below).

        The EFG organises an annual eye testing session in July at Swineshead, Boston, Lincs (details above). Hopefully, GOITA will reinstate their annual eye testing session at one of their club events. If you are unable to attend either an EFG (or GOITA) eye testing session, then please do contact me (Alison): and I will try to find a session that is not too far away from where you live!.

        DNA Archive at the AHT

        Just a reminder here about the DNA archive! πŸ™‚ Future research projects, which may be for eye disease or another health condition, will require Glen DNA … and to this end, we have set up a DNA Archive at the Animal Health Trust (AHT). Glen owners can request swab kits via the EFGHealth website: We need samples from ALL Glens, please!

        Once you have taken five buccal (cheek) samples from your Glen, you return these … along with a copy of his/her pedigree, copies of any health test scheme certificates plus the sheet provided to record yours and your Glen’s information and details of any health issues … to the AHT. The swabs are stored at the AHT until such time as DNA is required for a research project, when the DNA will then be extracted … the researchers, using the pedigrees and health information provided, will select the dogs from whom they want DNA samples … and this will include both affected dogs AND unaffected dogs (“controls”). It is, therefore, important to notify the AHT, and the EFG Health Coordinator, of any newly diagnosed health conditions throughout the course of your Glen’s life.


      • Alison

        May 3, 2014 at 12:57 pm

        BREEDERS – regarding crd3 test results

        If your Glen’s name, or the name of the stud dog you used, appears in BLACK on the above link, it means that the Kennel Club does not have a record of a result.

        If your Glen HAS been tested for crd3, please send a COPY of the (Bochum or OptiGen) certificate to:

        Health & Breeder Services Department, The Kennel Club, 1 – 5 Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London, W1J 8AB and they will update the Glen’s health record.

        If the stud dog is resident in Ireland (or any other non-UK country), you can either request a copy of the certificate yourself from the owner and send it to the Kennel Club, or ask the owner to send a copy to the KC. – please see note to BREEDERS/OWNERS under ‘Litters registered since the DNA test for crd3 became available in June 2010’

        To check health test results:

  2. Sheila Atter

    May 3, 2014 at 9:35 am

    Alison’s comments regarding eye testing are applicable to ALL breeds, not only those that are known to have a ‘problem’.

    Eye testing picks up on all sorts of conditions, not just those that are inherited.

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