Bath Championship Show entry

Bath entry figures are out and, with 2 Challenge Certificates on offer, there are only 8 Glen of Imaal Terriers for judge Tom Johnston. Bath, as a show, has no real Glen exhibition history as many owners dislike travelling down the M5 on a Bank Holiday weekend but single figures with two tickets……

3 thoughts on “Bath Championship Show entry

  1. Liz their are many reasons why people may not have chosen to attend the number of tickets is of no importance if exhibitors for whatever reason to do not wish support a judge or show. May i suggest people look at Belfast and SKC entries they have 2 but get no support !!

    • SKC and (particularly) Belfast are way out on a limb so they can at least claim distance but that reopens the allocation of CCs debate…..


  2. Liz also the northern and north midland exhibitors dont travel south if ever that doesnt help and the imbalance in shows in favour of the north and north midlands doesnt help eitheri

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