Remember Oscar?

Glen Services asked if anybody would be willing to foster a Glen of Imaal Terrier whilst his owner sorted out housing problems. This has been received from her:-

“Delighted to tell you that (I think) a temporary home for Oscar. He’s going to ********* who has an 18 month male.  Oscar has been there a week now and appears to have settled down well.  He’s not barking and has stopped gnawing at his foot. The other dog has never lived with another animal and initially was rather unsure about the idea.  However, he’s now playing with Oscar and they share a basket which is great news.

Thank you so very much for all your help in our moment of panic!  Calmer waters are clearly ahead now.

Thank you a million times again! Take care”

That’s one boy hopefully sorted but there have been two other Glens out there and unfortunately both were in Rescue Kennels that, thank you but no, did not require assistance from any Breed Rescue. It isn’t even sure that one was a Glen as the size and weight given for a supposedly mature animal was incredibly small. They didn’t need any leaflets to pass onto new owners and they didn’t need a Glen expert to go along and assess him. The Kennels that he was in are very well known for giving the dogs in their care pedigree identification and thus boosting the adoption fee but we may obviously be being just a little cynical here. He has now been rehomed so hopefully he is (Glen or not) very sorted.

The other Glen is in America and this certainly is a cousin of us all as the pedigree is known. This Rescue Kennel also doesn’t want breed assistance so she stays in Kennels! Does anybody know anybody who can give a home to a Glen in Florida? McKenzie has been there a while and would surely appreciate a permanent berth.