After earlier in the week……..

Bath Championship Show entries came out earlier in the week (8 Glen of Imaal Terriers for 2 Challenge Certificates) and now Southern Counties has announced their numbers; 11 Glens and NO tickets!! Curiouser and curiouser is the first thought, the subject of CC allocation etc. will most certainly be coming up on here soon.

Well into May

As we’re now well into May with even the coldest parts of the world showing nice signs of Spring we’ll go back to Monday results. If anybody would like to share their show wins, agility triumphs, barnhunt enthusiasms or anything else Glen of Imaal Terrier associated do send them along. We’ll start with a weekend of nice results; Group 1 for Gr.Ch Finnabair Ardmore Ned, a Group 3 for Gleann Una Noonan, a double session of Best of Breeds for Rainbow Springs Beatrix Herself at Bending Oak and in the UK at Birmingham National Brockland Brayhead Lad was Best of Breed with Romainville Ellie taking the Bitch CC. Congratulations everybody

Why THAT judge?

Patsy Hollings judged the recent first EFG Open Show and both exhibitors and other Glen judges have asked why? No problem at all with filling that information in for folks.
One of the most important things to any exhibitor at a Show is the judge but what should the judge be? Some people will only exhibit under breed specialists whilst others consider such judges “too political” and prefer all rounders. The EFG wants what their members want so, to the best of our ability, one year the Open Show will see an all-rounder (Patsy did pass the Glen of Imaal Terrier JDP with credit though) and the next year at least a terrier specialist if not a breed person.

Blackpool closes today and does anyone have space to foster a Glen?

Snailmail entries close today for Blackpool Championship Show. Terrier day is on Friday 20th June and it’s the weirdest Glen of Imaal Terrier classification seen for a long time:-Puppy Dog or Bitch, Open Dog, Open Bitch

A place for a 7 year old neutered male glen is required whilst his owner sorts out accomodation problems. This is possibly for five or six months so would be a good trial period for someone wanting a glen but maybe not in a position to make a long term commitment. Good with children & livestock, in the house & car & would live with another dog. His expenses will be paid of course and transport is not a problem. Please contact or