EFG Committee Meeting Summary

In line with the EFG commitment that members will be kept up to date with what the Committee are doing:-

Summary of Committee Meeting 31st May.


A number of matters that were raised by the AGM and subsequently since were discussed.

A breed judging seminar is planned for October (subject to finding an available and practical venue) plus the idea of a groomers workshop for Glen of Imaal Terrier owners or professional groomers that wish to add the breed to their repertoire was also discussed.

The Open Show-held in conjunction with Birmingham G&T-was considered to be a success and G&T are to be approached regarding taking the show there for 2015. The KC Field Officer visit regarded the event as excellent. Due to the shortness of time the committee will select the judge again for the 2015 show and, in keeping with already stated policy, it will be either a Terrier or breed person but the 2015 AGM will select a 2016 judge. Again honouring the pledge to keep things in the hands of the members.

Health matters were dealt with and an invitation issued to the EFG health representative to attend the next Committee meeting. The EFG website will also be updated.