There’s eye testing on the 12th… there anything else?

The BVA/KC all breed (not just Glen of Imaal Terriers) eye testing on the 12th at Swineshead will have the usual Fun Dog Show alongside it. So why not mark the afternoon in the diary? Fun day 2014 show schedule can be downloaded for reference and judging will start at 11.30am. Don’t forget appointments are needed for the eye testing, Sheila,, is the lady to contact

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  1. Yes! There IS something else!!

    I will be bringing swab kits for the DNA ARCHIVE. If you would like me to swab your Glen/s, it would be helpful if you would print off & complete the two forms below, and bring them with you:

     AHT submission form to go to the AHT with the swabs

     DNA swab kit request form for our confidential health database

    along with the supporting documentation requested by the AHT:

     Copy of pedigree

     If applicable, copies of crd3 result certificate (OptiGen or Bochum); latest BVA/KC eye test certificate; BVA/KC hip & elbow scoring certificates

     If applicable – (and if available) – copies of paperwork to support any health conditions e.g. scan reports, blood test results, etc.

     NB. If you are unable to bring copies of your documentation, please bring along the originals and we can scan them for you.

    The AHT requests a donation of just £5.00 per swab kit, to cover the cost of the kit and long-term storage at the AHT. Please bring cash or a cheque made payable to ‘EFG Health’.

    if you prefer, you can take a DNA swab kit home and take the cheek swabs back home!

    For anyone NOT coming to the FunDay, you can request DNA swab kits … by post or PayPal … via this link:

    Please do support this worthwhile initiative to build up a “bank” of Glen DNA for future health reearch projects.

    Thank you!


    Mrs Alison Seall, EFG Health Coordinator

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