World Show Finland

The entry figures for the World Show in Finland are sensational with over 21,000 dogs making 23,000 entries. It’s being billed as the biggest Show of the year but Crufts had an entry of over 24,000 this year with the flyball, agility and such not being counted so maybe its the biggest like Westminster always is. Got to hand it them though for the brilliant idea of allowing Finnish Native Breeds free entry from anywhere in the world. It’s meant an entry of 500+ for Finnish Lapphunds. It’ll be an unbelievable sight!

As well as the major show there are Breed Specialities being held in conjunction and Jean Rogers is judging the Glen of Imaal Terrier event with an entry of 49. Also there is to be an International Conference on the Glen of Imaal and everybody is invited. The programme is below and hopefully somebody will be taking extensive notes or individual presentation will be made available.

Conference on Glen of Imaal Terrier,
8.8.2014 at 15.30-20.00
Hotel Gustavelund, Tuusula
Entries to and payment 15€ to bank Eräjärven Säästöpankki account FI69 4500 0010 0461 07, HELSFIHH

15.30-16 Welcome words and coffee, Susanna Suban / Tiina Assinen
16-16.30 Health Survey Finland, Tiina Assinen/Janne Leino
16.30-17 Breed-specific breeding strategies of Glen of Imaal terriers in Finland, Tiina Assinen/ Johanna Inkeri
17-17.30 Mental Description, Aila Virtanen
17.30-18 Health Survey USA and PCDU, Mary McDaniel
18-18.30 DNA archive, Alison Seall
18.30-19 Double mating with glens, Gitte Thornsen
19-19.30 Glen Footprint database, Huub van Benthum
19.30-20 discussion

4 thoughts on “World Show Finland

  1. Does “Double mating” refer to using two stud dogs for one bitch in the hope of getting some pups sired by each? That is my guess, but I’m not certain. thanks!

  2. The litter has to be DNA’d to find out who the sire is/are but yes, hopefully two sires, so half-siblings in the same litter


  3. Gitte had one litter of four pups of a dual sire mating … one pup from one sire and three pups from the other sire. She has, I believe done another dual sire mating …

    I am looking forward to her presentation!

    The UK Kennel Club will now register puppies from a dual sire mating … (obviously the pups will have to be DNA tested first!) … but this is a great way to bring ‘new blood’ into a country, without having to import a stud dog (or two!) …

  4. I know of at least one breeder here in the USA who has done a “Double Mating”, but it’s not very common here. If my memory serves me, there was some difficulty with determining which pups were by which sire in that litter. The two stud dogs were related and had similarities in their DNA. It was not my breeding though, so I don’t know a lot about it.

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