Another weekend gone……

BOS Gleann Ungus MacGuire,BOB Stiubhard Cutie Pie at Gleann

BOS Gleann Ungus MacGuire,BOB Stiubhard Cutie Pie at Gleann

A cluster in Ohio and three Best of Breeds for Tipperary Violet Dowager Countess whilst in Finland a BOB for Stiubhard Cutie Pie at Gleann with BOS being awarded to Gleann Ungus MacGuire. The latest Glen of Imaal Terrier Champion in America now has his AKC recognition certificate and it’s always nice to know that dogs exported “cut the mustard” in their adopted country so congratulations to breeder Linda Samuel and owner Jo Lynn. Paddy-Paddington for Tipperary-makes Champion number six for Jo and all (Tipper, Rosie, Lee, Danny, and Daisy) have been handled personally!

Well done everybody!


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  1. One small correction, Tipperary Violet Dowager Countess (I’m a Downton Abbey fan) was BOB “four” days at the Canfield, OH cluster last week. She was the only Glen there so we went for ring experience and feedback from some good judges. She showed in group three of the four days and I received some nice comments from the judges. This was much more valuable than the purple and gold ribbons. Thank you for mentioning Paddy, too. I have wanted a Glen with Jeonty bloodlines since I saw Terry Maxfield’s Jeonty Gunner Magee win at Eukanuba (not sure what year that was). Even more important than being a new champion, Paddy is the sweetest, happiest Glen anyone could hope to own so thanks to Linda for trusting me to take her little bear across the pond to the US to make him part of the Tipperary Farm family.

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