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  1. If you are unable to access the link that Liz has provided, please click on the link below:


    Please email me at


    and I can take you through what you need to do make your Glen’s valuable contribution to the DNA Archive.

    The Animal Health Trust (AHT) is happy to accept contributions from owners outside the UK, as well as from us “UK locals”! Please email me for further information.

    N.B. We can only accept DNA samples from Glens that are registered with their country’s Kennel Club.

    Many of you will have owned Glens involved in the research projects at Cornell and Bochum, looking for the gene responsible for crd3 (cone-rod dystrophy 3), the Glen variant of PRA (progressive retinal atrophy). It was a long process that involved identifying PRA-affected Glens, doing extensive pedigree analysis to find close family relatives and completely non-related Glens (controls) and then contacting owners for DNA swab or blood samples. The Bochum project collected over 200 samples from Glens in mainland Europe and Scandinavia, and the UK and Ireland … but this took time …

    The advantage of having an on-going DNA Archive at the AHT is that researchers, for any future health research projects, will have immediate access to a ‘bank’ of DNA … and, as the AHT also collects pedigree and health data for each dog, identification of affected and control dogs can be done in a more timely manner.

    N.B. The information provided to the AHT remains confidential to the AHT … this information is not shared with breed clubs or the DNA Archive Coordinator.

    We feel that it is important for us to monitor breed health and so we ask owners … if they are happy to do so … to provide health information for our own confidential health database. Reports generated from this database will not disclose the identity of individual Glens or owners:


    I hope that all your Glens will contribute to the DNA Archive … for the future of our wonderful breed! My lovely old girl, Breege, sadly died in May, at the age of nearly fourteen-and-a-half … her swabs went to the AHT at the end of last year … so, even in death, her DNA may one day be able to be used in a research project …

    To date, swab kits have been provided for 33 Glens … from the UK and overseas … it would be great to get the number up to 200 by the end of the year … 😉

    We would like samples from ALL Glens, but if I had to prioritise, then I would ask owners of the following to provide samples sooner rather than later, please:

    ~ Glens with a diagnosed health condition
    ~ Elderly Glens

    Thank you!

    EFG Health Coordinator

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