More photographs!

On July 26th Kennel Marfidal threw a 25 years “bash” and it was a fabulous day with fabulous Glen of Imaal Terriers. The event has now been blogged and can be seen here

Also if you haven’t noticed there are now pictures to go with the results from the World Show in Finland and some shots from the International Glen Seminar

Could you help Blue?

I am currently fostering an entire male 6 year old Glen of Imaal Terrier. His owners have had to part with him on the advice of the doctor due to the husbands failing health. He is a pure pet with a lovely temperament. He is great with people, other dogs and chickens as well as livestock but he has been known to chase cats. I have had to kennel him as my house isn’t big enough for 4 glens but he isn’t happy as he has always lived in the house. I am looking to get him neutered and also looking for a loving home for him.  He has up to date rabies shot and passport but I need to do his booster. Please if you know of anyone looking for an older Glen, could you pass on Blue’s information. His owner does not want him to go back to his breeder or Glen rescue Ireland, them being one and the same. Any help would be gratefully received
Thank you
Sue Sutton

Email Jean( ) if you can help

Blue would like a home please

Blue would like a home please


Is there no end to the talents of Glen of Imaal Terriers?

From Susanna Suban:

Jalmari aka Susamurun Akvavitix has made history, at least Finnish history, by taking two first prize results in open class on blood tracking.

Jalmari and her owner Riikka has only gone in two competitions and they have succeed to bring home first prize results from both of them.

In yesterday’s test Jalmari was second best and lost only one point to the winner. He got 46 points of 50.

This couple will continue now in Winners class among the top tracking dogs.

Blood track is made for hunting dogs to compete of their capable to find wounded animal but nowadays also Glens can go all the way to a tracking champion in this competition.Jalmari jälkimestari





Helsinki 2014…and something else

What a fabulous thing the 2014 World Show, and all the associated events, seem to have been. For Glen of Imaal Terriers it began with Terri-Eri 2014, then the Glen of Imaal Terrier Specialty Show 2014 and finally the World Dog Show.

The Terrier Show had Gleann Una Noonan BOB with the veteran Miimoksen Sirius Best Opposite Sex. The news of the show was the debut of the first American bred Glen to be shown in Finland. Finnabair North American Nebulon flew in (complete with handler) and took Best Puppy and then Puppy Group 3!!!!

The Glen Specialty, judged by Jean Rogers, saw Taramont O’Mara take the BOB rosette and Pearytail Artless Tess Best Bitch. Best Puppy was Finnabair North American Nebulon. with Miimoksen Sirius again Best Veteran.

The World Show was an American triumph as the US Number One Glen GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned added a Finnish title to his name with BOB. Pearytail Artless Tess was again Best Opposite with the Veteran titles being awarded to Gleann Nora and Miimoksen Sirius.

Whilst all the mad, frantic showing was going on Mark Brown and Griffin were “working” for a living and earning the last leg for rally novice title.

Many, many congratulations to all.

Thanks for all the photographs-did anybody take anything at Terri-Eri 2014?




Mark & Griffin


And so it begins……

The World Dog Show is in Helsinki, Finland this year and it’s going to be a biggie. It’s a many day dogfest with four Glen of Imaal Terrier days and enthusiasts are flying in from around the world. Today it’s a Group 3 (Terrier) Show. Tomorrow it’s the Glen Specialty with Jean Rogers judging. The 8th sees the Glen of Imaal International Conference and the 9th is Terrier day at the World Show. Hopefully there will be loads of photographs. Folk can keep up to date on the actual website and via Facebook

A question from America

Glen of Imaal Terrier standard says”Coat– Medium length, of harsh texture with a soft undercoat. The coat may be tidied to present a neat outline characteristic of a rough-and-ready working terrier. Over-trimming of dogs is undesirable.” What do folks think medium length is? There was talk on another site that medium is 1.5 inches. Please state your opinion, no personal comments on anyone’s breeding, dogs, or children

Another weekend gone……

BOS Gleann Ungus MacGuire,BOB Stiubhard Cutie Pie at Gleann

BOS Gleann Ungus MacGuire,BOB Stiubhard Cutie Pie at Gleann

A cluster in Ohio and three Best of Breeds for Tipperary Violet Dowager Countess whilst in Finland a BOB for Stiubhard Cutie Pie at Gleann with BOS being awarded to Gleann Ungus MacGuire. The latest Glen of Imaal Terrier Champion in America now has his AKC recognition certificate and it’s always nice to know that dogs exported “cut the mustard” in their adopted country so congratulations to breeder Linda Samuel and owner Jo Lynn. Paddy-Paddington for Tipperary-makes Champion number six for Jo and all (Tipper, Rosie, Lee, Danny, and Daisy) have been handled personally!

Well done everybody!