Can anybody help?

Today is an “ask” from Glen Services. (It has been edited for the strong language in case any kiddies, or anybody of a delicate nature, reads it.)

Is there anybody willing to give a Glen of Imaal Terrier spayed bitch a home for the last few years of her life? This brindle girl is 13 years old and her owners, not to put too fine a point on it, didn’t expect her to live so long! They are both now retired and want to go off and do things and well….you know…. The horrendous thing is Glen Services does know as this is the third one over the years that has been cast aside because they were healthy and just hadn’t succumbed to Anno Domini at a time to suit the owners.

If you can help drop Liz an email

Group placements AGAIN!!

In France at the Exposition Nationale D’elevage 2014 in Montigny en Gogelle  Pajantick Startrooper got BOB and CAC with Ch Romainville Aoife at Pajantick BB. At the Dutch Glen Association Show Best Dog and Best Bitch were awarded to the brother and sister act of Fear Fiuntair Crunchie Angus & Fear Fiuntair Candy Keva, Angus took Best In Show and photographs of all the dogs can be seen on the Dutch Club website

At the Terrier Club of Michigan BOB was GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned with Best Opposite GCH Finnabair Song O’My Heart so another sibling success. It was even more family with Finnabair South of the Border being Best Puppy and then taking Puppy Group 2. At Monroe Kennel Club BOB was again GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned and this time he went onto Group 4. Best Bitch being awarded to GCH Emerald Isle Sweet Molly Malone with Daulton. The second Monroe show made it three in a row for Ned with Best Opposite once again to sister Song O’My Heart

At Belfast Championship Show Abberann Phelan took his second ticket and then got the nod for Group 4, nice for a Glen of Imaal Terrier to be recognised in Ireland. The Bitch ticket winner was Ir Ch Bailielands Leanbh Orga with the Reserves to Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad & Ch/Ir Ch Abberann Ennya.

Many congratulations to everybody!!

Abberann Phelan. Photo H Tonks

Abberann Phelan.
Photo H Tonks

Breed Specific Seminar

The EFG Breed Specific (Glen of Imaal Terrier) Judges Seminar on October 19th is almost at the limit for assessment candidates. If you are wishing to attend and just haven’t got around to it please for ward your name to Harold, ,or Jean, ,as soon as possible. There is still space if wishing to come for the extended breed standard presentation and open workshop. Full details can be found on the website

Welsh Kennel Club critique

The 3rd critique in a week so many thanks to the judges. People enter to know what the judges think so it is appreciated when they take the time to put finger to keyboard!! (Unsubtle hint for any future judges)

Glen of Imaal Terriers

V D. 1st.  Mr and Mrs ML & A Hardy. Amhard Damson Sauce.Nice head with good eye colour, correct ear size and shape strong neck, well laid shoulder correct top line. He has a good front with nice turn of feet,well muscled, good turn of stifle and still looks good  from all angles when moving. Best Veteran.

PD. 1st. Dr. J. Alstead. Panjantick Golden Spurs. Nice head and expression, good jaw and bite, nice eye colour, correct ear shape and size, a good front  with neat feet. well lay of shoulders with correct top line, moved when settled but still very much a baby.

JD. 1st. Dr, J. Alstead. Panjantick Golden Spurs.

PGD. Mr and Mrs ML & A Hardy. Amhard High Flyer. Nice head with good stop, strong jaw with correct bite,  correct front, and  turn of feet, strong neck,  good shoulder placement, level top-line  with gentle rise to a strong loin, really well muscled thighs, good turn of stifle, well off for bone through out, moved well fore and aft.

2nd. Mr and Mrs I & C. Squires. Bendikes Edward Bear. A boy  that has not yet fully matured  but with saying that he has a nice head with good fore face, strong jaw with correct bite and ear shape and size. right front  with correct turn of feet,  good lay of shoulders. nice topline with that gentle rise to the loin.   Preferred movement of 1st.

3rd. Mrs. P J Withers. Panjantick Star Trooper.

OD. 1st. Mrs M A. Quinn. Kirikee Ronan O’ Gara. A nice size boy with a lovely head which  has a good stop, strong jaw, correct ear size and shape, nice wide front with correct neat feet.  moderate in lenght and well muscled neck,  good  lay of shoulders, deep chest well sprung ribs, level topline with rise to a strong loin, good hind quarters that’s well muscled,  well off for bone through out,  nice coat, looked good in stance and moved effortlessly around the ring whilst still keeping his shape, built to do a days work. Pleased to award him the Dog CC.

2nd. Mrs K. George & Miss N C Sullivan. Romainville Billy Whizz. Another up standing boy with nice head strong jaw lovely round eyes of good colour, well boned legs and body, good lay of shoulders correct topline deep chest nice angulations all round, in beautiful coat, moved well. Reserve CC.

PB. 1st.Mr and Mrs ML &A. Hardy. Bonny Nell. A little girl with lots to like, super little head  for one so young with the best of expressions, strong jaw with correct bite,  lovely round eyes with a look that makes one melt, ears of correct size and shape, good neck and shoulders, correct front with enough bone, feet placed well, good body with  correct topline, nice turn of stifle. When settled she moved nicely round the ring, I took a long hard look  at her  as she pressed hard  for  the reserve cc.  Was pleased to award her Best Puppy

JB.1st. Mr and Mrs ML & A. Hardy. Amhard Indy Kate. Nice head with good stop, strong jaw good  bite, nice shape ears, correct front and body shape, level topline with the rise to strong loin, good bend of stifle. Moved well.

PGB. 1st. Mr and Mrs I & C. Squires. Young May Moon. A young lady that has come on in leaps and bounds, head of good width,strong jaw correct bite big round eyes correct ear shape and size, nice front with well placed feet, plenty of bone, strong neck, good lay of shoulders, well sprung ribs, level topline, well muscled thighs, nice angulation through out,  looks lovely when stacked. moved well. Reserve CC.

2nd. Mrs K. George &Miss N C. Sullivan. Romainville Rock On Ruby. A big bitch which hid nothing as she came today with no coat, a lovely head , strong  jaw round eyes of good colour, well off for bone, great body to go over, nice deep chest, level topline, well muscled hind quarters, good angulations all round, moved beautifully around the ring.

OB.1st. Mrs K. George, & Miss N C Sullivan. Romainville Ellie. Another nice girl from this well known kennel, super little head, strong jaw correct bite. lovely eyes and expression. good front with correct feet placement, right amount of bone,moderate neck good lay of shoulders level topline gentle rise to strong loin, deep chest, well muscled thighs with correct turn of stifle, in good coat that gleamed, looked good in stance and movement, she moved round the ring with a good rear drive action. I was pleased to award her  the Bitch CC and Best of Breed.

2nd. Mr and Mrs ML & A. Hardy. Amhard Ginger Galore. Another good bitch to go over, a lovely head with a strong jaw correct mouth, nice round eye correct ear shape and size,  good wide front  to allow  plenty heart room  well boned legs of correct shape, strong neck onto well laid shoulders, deep chest level topline, well muscled hind quarters and good angulations all round. Coat of correct texture and  of nice lenght. Moved sound.

Val Harley-Judge




Autumn approaches…

…but Glen of Imaal Terrier people are still out and about.

In Finland two back to back shows with a double BOB for Stiubhard Cutie Pie of Gleann and double BOS Stiubhard Artful Dodger at Gleann. Such a weekend was topped off by Gleann going Best Breeders group In Show on Day 1 and Terrier Group 4 on the second day. At the Copenhagen Winners BOB was awarded to McCormac Rathnait Kilraghts with Best Dog going to McCormac Setna Sithbacc.

In the UK at Driffield Romainville Typhoon took Best Dog again but this time got the nod for BOB. His kennelmate Romainville Moira was Best Opposite. Over in Ireland Abberann Phelan was BOB at Carlow with the Bitch Green Star going to Daulton’s Midnight Sky of Galore.

In America GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned took his 14th Group 1 at a show in Montana. Emerald Isle’s Wild Irish Rose was BOB at Gig Harbour and Glentyrs Lady Isabella at Castlerock took the points at Chesapeake Virginia Dog fanciers.

Many congratulations to everybody!!

Changes to the Assured Breeder Scheme

CHANGES have been made to the Assured Breeder Scheme so that members must now permanently identify all their dogs before sale – unless a vet advises otherwise.

They must also keep additional records of any veterinary treatment their dogs have, and must ensure puppies are inspected by a vet before sale. Records of veterinary treatments and examinations must be passed to the new owner.

Breeding records

In addition, breeding records should be kept including:

Oestrus dates of bitches;

Dates of mating;

Details of sire;

Whelping record – sex, date of birth, weight, description;

Caesarean sections;

Date/cause of death;

Details of sale – date, name and address;

Stud dog litters produced.

The changes are effective immediately, but members have been given six months to comply to the changes.

Rule 4.4 now reads: “Assured Breeders must permanently identify breeding stock owned or offered at stud by microchip, tattoo or a DNA profile. This is checked automatically when litters are registered.

“Puppies must also be permanently identified prior to sale unless otherwise advised in writing by a vet. The permanent identification of dogs must be carried out by a trained operator.

“Where dogs or puppies are microchipped or tattooed, the relevant number must be registered on a national database.”

Rule 6.2 states: “Assured Breeders must ensure that the puppy has been inspected by a vet prior to sale and pass any record of veterinary treatment or examination to the new owner.”

The KC has now recruited and completed the training of its 24 assessors – six full time and 18 part time – and has bestowed UKAS accreditation on about 1,500 of its 7,554 members.


In the new year the KC said it would be visiting and assessing every breeder before they could join the scheme at least every three years thereafter, and this week it said it now had the capacity to carry out ‘well over’ 300 assessments a month as it worked through a backlog; priority has been given to those who are expecting a litter or who have recently had a litter.

“With the exception of those in one or two areas, members who have notified the ABS department that they are expecting a litter have been allocated an assessor who will prioritise their assessment visit,” said ABS manager Bill Lambert.

“The scheme continues to evolve to ensure that it meets the needs and expectations of puppy buyers and responsible breeders. We have recruited and trained further assessors and have carried out more assessment visits than ever before, and will continue to increase our capacity to carry out visits.

“We thank all breeders on the scheme for their patience and support during this time and call upon all responsible breeders to join the scheme so that puppy buyers can make the vital distinction between good and bad breeders. It is important that all responsible breeders join the scheme, exposing those who fail to adopt even the basic principles of responsible breeding and leaving them nowhere to hide.”

Darlington Championship Show critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers.

There aren’t a lot of exhibitors near to Darlington and I thank everybody who made the trip. In view of what one spectator said to me today “do you realise you actually scratched your head when looking at class X?” it is time to come clean; my conclusion of today is that there are no easy answers for Glen of Imaal Terriers at the minute. They are one of the greatest breeds that ever lived but at the moment appear to be at a crossroads where some things are stalling. One thing that isn’t though is the “health” that everybody now has to be so aware of whether judge, breeder or exhibitor. There was only one front that I considered extreme and two shorter (not super short) upper arms; both things the bane of many achondraplasic breeds. Eye colours were all acceptable, jaws and teeth continue to improve and without exception strength was apparent in both throughout the entry. These things certainly appear to have been cracked but what about the actual breed? Where are things going?

The Best of Breed was 10 years old and the Best Dog was coming up 7 and both were an out and out credit to Glendom but is that a sign of the longevity of the breed (talking to exhibitors afterwards it was nice to see the look of disbelief on a newer persons face when they realised how mature the top senior winners were) or a startling example that younger Glens aren’t really cutting the mustard that well? I’m fully aware that it’s the entry on the day, just my opinion etc. etc. but certain things should be the hallmark of Glen of Imaal Terriers and they were missing in sround 50%. All judges interpret a standard slightly differently and some things are considered more important to some than to others, it’s why exhibitors keep going month after month, but there are things that should be sacrosanct so where’s the bone? Where’s the movement? Where’s the all over musculature? Where’s the fitness? Those things, particularly the last three, aren’t rocket science whatever the level of expertise of the owner but in quite a few of the dogs today they just weren’t there.

A judge, once they have gone over a dog, should have a pretty sure idea of what to expect in movement. Moving is used to confirm what the hands (and eyes) have already found, apologises in using another analogy, it should be the icing on the cake and it’s up to exhibitors as to whether the judge sees Royal or just a bit of jam slapped on. On decently cut, reasonably flat ground with an overall collection of good back ends and rather decent fronts, with hardly any straighter angles, some of the movement was rather a surprise and it lifted the old-fashioned road walkers up into a different league.

That may have caused head scratching but ribs didn’t. Two strange things to bracket together perhaps but an apt example of “the crossroads”. Movement in Glens used to be King but the frames being carried around were often poor in the rib department; slab sided, short and shallow often being found. Today the slab was gone, the shortness was gone and it was ticks mainly all round in that department.

There were ears, thankfully none of those high flyers currently fashionable in some countries, there were toplines that were basically where they should be. Exhibitors know their dogs and don’t want the list of nice this, nice that and good the other. They want to know why a judge placed their dog where they did and why they were above or below a particular animal; my reasons are below.

PUPPY DOG: 1) Alstead’s Golden Spurs. He’s a baby and he’s raw. He walks well then he throws his front everywhere. He has a topline then he hasn’t. He can stand balanced then he doesn’t know the meaning of the word. He handles well and has all the essentials in one so young. To use an old-fashioned term-a prospect. RCC and congratulations to his owner on turning a brindle coat out so well.

JUNIOR DOG: 1) Golden Spurs.

LIMIT DOG: 1) Howarth’s Donvaleset Liffy at Arkview. A longer length dog that appeared even longer due to his full coat. Underneath it all was excellent bone right through with the right amount of substance (not the fat that many Glens carry). Excellent drive from well muscled quarters but quite short in front reach and flatly refused to settle.

OPEN DOG: 1) Ashcroft’s Romainville Typhoon. This is a Glen of Imaal Terrier dog. He was shown under me in 2012 and the critique said “this brindle dog is often hidden in the ring by an over heavy, over long coat but today he looked the business. His strong head, nice turn of front, good neck, typical topline, drive and balance just shouted. If his owners could just get it all together this dog could be like many of the Glens throughout the years; gets older and gets better”. He got the Reserve CC then and since that show has rarely been hidden by coat so his virtues can be seen and appreciated. His owners have worked really hard and now he only occasionally changes his weight and leans forward at the stand so flattening his topline. CC and congratulations on your first Champion.

VETERAN BITCH: 1) Seall’s Ch Brockland Belle Bregorrey. My notes say “she’s still got it” which was the thought as she walked into the ring. Bone in proportion to size, excellent reach and drive, head, topline, jaw, balance, shape, it’s still all there and she knows it. The package was topped off with a tight, tidy coat of correct texture. Best Veteran, CC and BOB despite the change of handler at one point!

POST GRADUATE BITCH: 1) Baldock’s Ellerton Dusty Beauty. This bitch just doesn’t match on the move what examination tells you. Good body proportions, decent topline, nice angles front and back are on the table but on the move it’s a different story; reach and drive are a bit short and she flattens her topline…oh and why should she stand balanced? Read her sire’s critique for 2012.

LIMIT BITCH: 1) Ashcroft’s Romainville Moira. A plain looking bitch with her coat only just coming through; she was a revelation. There was an excellent outline and proportion, nice bone, good legs, good angulation, a body with shape and she moved out well with good reach and drive. Res CC.

2) Seall’s Bregorrey Madam Defiance. A smaller feminine bitch rather swamped by excessive feathering. Like the Post Graduate winner she moves differently to what the table examination tells you. Beautiful body proportions, correct angles front and back but on the floor moves a little short despite excellent rear parallel drive. Her topline, which handled well, didn’t look good on the move. She is actually a text book example of what happens to a natural tail when the set on isn’t quite correct-the slightly higher position alters the angle of the croup on the move and up goes the topline.

3) Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl. This bitch was “sort of” there. Nice angulation behind, parallel drive but stands a little straight. Balanced body shape but prefers to be long. Has a topline but then hasn’t. The handler did a great job but more experience may help.

OPEN BITCH: 1) Seall’s Bregorrey Lady Belleisle. This bitch is a showdog rather than a Glen that is taken showing. She is eyecatching and moves with balanced rear and drive. For preference she should have a little more bone just had to have this class despite her awful coat which was why she went no further in the challenge.

2) Rogers Jeonty Meme Fern. Feminine bitch of good type, proportion and outline. On the table has literally everything going for her but yet another that unfortunately failed on the move.

3) Baldock’s Ch Jeonty Maybe Daysee. A bitch that is easy to see as to why she carries the Champion prefix but one more that doesn’t quite match up to table assessment. Well muscled and angulated behind but moved rather short in front despite her well balanced skeleton. A profuse coat and solid body shape didn’t do her any favours.

Harold Gay (Judge)