Can anybody help?

Today is an “ask” from Glen Services. (It has been edited for the strong language in case any kiddies, or anybody of a delicate nature, reads it.)

Is there anybody willing to give a Glen of Imaal Terrier spayed bitch a home for the last few years of her life? This brindle girl is 13 years old and her owners, not to put too fine a point on it, didn’t expect her to live so long! They are both now retired and want to go off and do things and well….you know…. The horrendous thing is Glen Services does know as this is the third one over the years that has been cast aside because they were healthy and just hadn’t succumbed to Anno Domini at a time to suit the owners.

If you can help drop Liz an email

10 thoughts on “Can anybody help?

  1. I am not allowed to comment on this as my feelings on the subject may upset some people! Hope she is able to find a furever home soon bless her.

  2. How horrid and sad! Wish we lived closer. Every animal deserves respect in the mature years as well as a comfy and loving place to spend their last days. Hoping a loving home is found.

  3. No words that can be repeated 😦 We are also far away but hope that this lovely dog receives a home that will love and care for her in her golden years. I just don’t understand people like this….

  4. Hearing this makes me so angry. There are many words that I will not use here that are running through my mind right now. I will never understand people who can’t commit to giving a pup the best. That pup deserves the best for their whole lives, not just for when it’s convenient for you. I wish we were closer as we will need to look into a playmate for our girl once our boy succumbs to his illness.

    • Just to clarify (as I read my post again after I submitted) the “you” in my post should have been “the human”. It was not meant as a dig against the poster in any way as they are not the ones giving up their pup.

  5. EFRG has asked to find this old girl a good home lets bury any views and do as EFG asks! Liz or Jean is it an inside or outside bitch and whats she like with other dogs and animals and how is she in herself ie health wise. Pontential owners Please remember a freind of mine in Eire had a dog go to 19yrs plus and only went backward just after he turned 19. Its no good moaning and handwringing about the situation or the people concerned just ask about to help the bitch.
    Im going upset alot of you now but i wonder if it wouldnt be better to have her destroyed think about the dog!

  6. Dog lover ha ha ha if the UK owners respected their dogs abit more instead of “loving” them their wouldnt be the 75,000 dogs got rid of each year by a “nation of animal lover” !!

  7. What a nasty story. Well, I’m here with my Seamus (16 l/2 yrs old) and if it was possible, I’d take the old gal. Nice company for my old guy and my 12 year old Tula (today is her birthday). I actually love my dogs, old and new, and wouldn’t consider dumping them to “travel”.

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