An event not to be celebrated

Each Monday we celebrate the success of Glen of Imaal Terriers around the globe and welcome repeating again and again, so we can all share, how wonderful they are. Today we are so sorry to report something else that has happened before and so wish we didn’t. George Whitehouse hopes people will forgive him for not personally telling them but he feels he just can’t pick the phone up and start a conversation with Tigan is dead. It looks so blunt just reading it like that but to have to say the words…….

George and Stephen were so thrilled with their new home in Canada, it even had a pool. When it was realised Tigan was missing from the house, after many calls of her name and no sign of her, the cover was pulled back from the pool and she was dead on top of the water. Obviously George and Stephen are devastated and we all extend our fingers in sympathy to them that a Glen in the prime of life has become the latest addition to the eternal family we all share in memory.

Unfortunately though Tigan is yet another Glen that has discovered that water is not friendly. Both ponds and pools have claimed their lives so if you have either in your garden, ponds when a puppy or a pool when older, just please check again that it is dog safe and, just in case, don’t put a cover on the pool. They still can’t climb out when they fall in but at least you may hear or see them.