Glen Health Survey 2014

The Glen of Imaal Terrier breed clubs – the Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts and Fanciers Club (EFG) and the Glen of Imaal Terrier Association (GOITA) – are supporting an important breed health survey and would like to encourage all Glen of Imaal Terrier owners to participate whether you are UK or worldwide based The Kennel Club has emailed details of the survey to owners with up-to-date email addresses on their database.

The Glen survey aims to collect data about the overall health of the breed – this includes health conditions that have been diagnosed, cause of death and reproduction and fertility.The survey is for Glens born on or after 1st January 2000. Responses are welcome from: ~ Glens with health conditions to report AND Glens who are fit and healthy ~ old Glens AND young Glens ~ pet Glens, show Glens, working Glens AND Glens who have been bred from The closing date is Friday 28th November 2014. There are two main objectives for this survey: [1] To collect disease prevalence, cause of death and reproduction & fertility data.  This information will help us to identify any health issues that may need further monitoring or research. The feedback from this survey may also influence future breeding guidelines. [2] To establish a database of owners who would be happy to help with future health research projects.  We have a “Permissions” page where these owners can provide their contact details. We have published a preview of the survey (see the link below), so that you can familiarise yourself with the format and questions before actually starting the survey “for real” …

  1. To ensure that your Glen’s information is included in the final analysis, it is important that you go through to the “Confirmation” page, answer “Yes” to the confirmation question and then click on the “Next Page” button … sounds complicated but it will make sense, I promise! 😉

After analysing the data, we will publish the report on our breed club websites..  All information submitted via this health survey remains strictly confidential … the final report will not disclose the identity of individual dogs or owners. Thank you very much for your support in this so do visit Working together towards a healthy future for our lovely breed”