A few words from Belfast

The judge of Glen of Imaal Terriers at Belfast has sent the following; there will be a critique later.

I was very honoured judging glens in the country of origin. I haveĀ  Judged the breed for many years and was looking forward to see the breed in Ireland.

I judged 9 dogs and they were very mixed in type. Although it’s a shortlegged breed with a deep chest, I judged some dogs which were too short on legs and too heavy in body. These dogs are not always good movers and the glen is a working breed and they should move with drive.

Some dogs were too high on legs and missed substance and that is not correct as well. I was pleased with the fronts and many dogs had a level topline. Head need attention. Some dogs were too narrow in skull and too weak in muzzle. I was pleased with some fronts and many moved with drive. I only had one dog with wrong ears. Breeders must pay attention to the coat. Not all dogs had a double harsh coat. But…….I loved all dogs a lot because they were so disciplined and friendly in the ring that it was a joy to judge them

Hans van den Berg