Glens in the Park

As many Glen of Imaal Terrier folk world wide read the blog we are pleased to pass this on from Laura Gould.

Many Glens and their humans will be meeting in Central Park NYC on October 26th.  We will meet from noon until 3pm for a walk through the park.  We will meet at the West 72nd Street entrance into Central Park at noon and enjoy a walk together from there into Central Park.

If any glen owners in the NY vicinity would like to join the more the merrier.  We have people coming from New Jersey, Westchester County, Connecticut and Long Island will be joining the other glens that live in NYC 🙂

I have started a Face Book page (Glens in the Park) with information and updates.  If there is enough interest this may become an annual event 🙂

All the best,

Laura and Ben 😉

7 thoughts on “Glens in the Park

  1. The Sporting club of Ireland have been doing this for a number of years getting together for walks.

  2. For anyone in NYC with a glen this weekend we will be meeting on Sunday, October 26th, at 72nd and Central Park West for a wander through the park 🙂 We will meet at noon and be strolling from noon until 3pm 🙂 woof!!!!

  3. Thanks! I live in the area and want to connect. The NYC area doesn’t have many glens. If you show, you can’t get points as you will probably be the only Glen in the ring.

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