Latest Health Survey update

The health survey closes on Friday 28th November and we are nearly half way to our target of 300 responses.  To date, we have received 137 responses from the UK and eleven other countries … please see update charts

If you haven’t already done the survey for your Glen of Imaal Terrier please help us to reach our target of 300!  We would like information about young Glens and old Glens; about healthy Glens and those with health conditions to report; and about those Glens that have sadly died.

BREEDERS – please help spread the word about this survey!  If you are still in contact with any of your “puppy people” we would appreciate you passing on details of the survey.  Thank you.

Here is the link to our health survey page  from where you can access the survey.

There is a SURVEY PREVIEW on the survey page – please do have a read through to familiarise yourself with the format and questions, before starting the survey “for real”.

Please do not hesitate to contact Alison Seall – Tel. 01403 269038 or Email: if you:

have any queries about the survey; need help with the survey or wish to make any changes e.g. add or delete contact details or correct any errors.

A little bit of feedback – CANCER

Of the 137 Glens, 11 have reported 14 cancer diagnoses.  Seven Glens have survived cancer; the other four succumbed to the disease … please look at update charts

Thank you for your support of this important breed initiative.

Alison Seall EFG Health Coordinator