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A short Committee meeting was held after the EFG Glen of Imaal Terrier breed specific seminar at Mappleboough on the 19th October.

Alison Seal gave the committee a short update on the progress with the health survey. Gathering information about health will help the breed understand what issues may exist in the long term. It was agreed that members should all be encourage to complete the survey if possible. Results will be available in the new year.

The breed seminar was, from feedback already given,felt to have been a success-a report of the event will appear in the newsletter

It was decided to hold the EFG open show in conjunction with Birmingham Gundog and Terrier once again on the April 2015 date. In keeping with the intended policy of one year all rounder and one year breed/terrier the judge for 19th April will be Martin Phillips. Nominations for 2016 and 2017 shows will be invited from members with voting taking place at the AGM.

The possibility was mooted of holding the 2015 AGM with a grooming seminar. Dogs in the right state of coat will be needed so the newsletter will ask for volunteers.

2015 will see the 10th Year of the Companion Show so it, plus eye testing, will certainly be held on July 11th at Swineshead.

2 thoughts on “From the Committee

  1. Ive missed the earlier comments on the health survey but have their been anything health wise that has surprised you Alison?

  2. Hi Stephen

    You can see all the previous weekly (Tuesday) updates by going to the calendar (top right) and clicking on the dates:

    7th, 14th, 21st, 28th October and 4th November

    No surprises so far …

    Proper analysis of the data will not commence until after the closing date, which is being extended by a couple of weeks to Friday 12th December, so that we can hopefully catch a few more breed club members who may not be aware of the survey.

    Regards, Alison

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