Another Health Survey week gone


 There are just over two weeks to go before the closing date of Friday 28th November for our health survey:


In the UK Kennel Club’s Purebred Dog Health Survey of 2004, there were 61 responses … for 55 living and 6 deceased Glens.

Our own 2014 health survey has received 84 UK responses, so far … but we would like to try to achieve at least double the number submitted back in 2004.  This means we still have (at least!) another 38 to go …

The Kennel Club had a disappointingly low number of contact email addresses for Glen owners on their database … just 107  for 760 Glens registered since 1st January 2000 … and it is likely that a number of these email addresses are out of date.  We hope to have reached a few more Glen owners via promotion on the Kennel Club website and its online journal, Kennel Scope; via the two dog newspapers, Our Dogs and Dog World; and through Dogs Monthly magazine, and the veterinary profession’s journal, Veterinary Record.  Our best response rate, although this is mainly INTERnational, appears to have been via Facebook groups.

We are, therefore, turning to BREEDERS, who can potentially make a BIG difference to the participation numbers for this survey!

Just looking back at litters born in the UK from the beginning of 2011 to the beginning of this year … (three years) … 195 puppies have been registered with the KC … from 25 breeders.  Most of these breeders are aware of the survey!  And, hopefully, most of these breeders still have contact details for their puppy people!  If breeders can pass on details of the health survey to the owners of all these Glens … including those who are now living outside the UK … we could, potentially, double our current response rate of 11%!  And if breeders of Glens born in the years 2000 to 2011 send the survey link to all their puppy people for whom they still have contact details … well, the sky could be the limit!

It would be great to have a surge of completed surveys received in the last few weeks of the survey!

Thank you all for your support … please click on the link above to go to our survey page.

Thank you very much to everyone who has already completed the survey.

“Working together towards a healthy future for our lovely breed”


6 thoughts on “Another Health Survey week gone

  1. If i can make a point concerning”Facebook” myself and others if they see that word turn off or simply will not become involved.I became involved via this site i have mentioned it to a number of owners and informed them about this site.Im afraid “facebook and Twitter” can be a major turn off
    for quite a number of people.
    The response so far isnt bad to be honest and its a matter of walky slowly catchee monkey!

  2. There are SOME positives to Facebook and Twitter!

    I don’t “do” Twitter … but I know that the Kennel Club has promoted our survey via Twitter!

    I am on Facebook … and, like it or not, it has been invaluable in helping to spread the word about the survey and getting responses coming in … epsecially from non-UK resident owners! Thank you!

    If we just stuck up details aout the survey on a website and left it at that, I don’t think we’d have anywhere near the response rate that we have currently achieved …

    A good response rate should provide us with meaningful data … and I feel that we should use all avenues we have access to … not only to spread the word to reach as many owners as possible but also to provide updates … (which also serve as reminders!) … throughout the course of the survey.

    As you say, Stephen, “walky slowly, catchee monkey” .. and as I say, “it’s the drip, drip factor” that keeps bringing in the responses… 😉

    We can’t really do reminders via the newspapers and magazines & journals … and so we are somewhat reliant on the Blog … and Facebook … to keep the survey “out there” … so it isn’t seen just once and then forgotten!

    BREEDERS are also a valuable “resource” to spread the word and encourage participation … with breeders “on board” we should be able to achieve a fantastic response …………………

    Anyway, not too long to go before the survey closes … and then the hard work REALLY begins .. but not until after Christmas!

  3. Alison its not any attack on you just plenty dont like Facebook etc and itss doing well 11% isnt bad

  4. Hi Stephen

    I agree … 11% isn’t bad … but it’s not even 100 (UK) responses! ;-(

    Between us, the two breed club committees … both of whom are supporting this survey … have owned almost 100 Glens … born since 1st January 2000 …

    Add in committee members’ puppy people contacts … and that is a lot of Glens for whom we could receive survey responses …

    And add in other UK breeders … i.e. breeders who are not breed club committee members …

    Thank you to the breeders who have completed the survey for their Glens … and have contacted their puppy people with details of the survey!

    Hopefully, many more breeders will “come on board” and participate in this confidential health survey … and pass on details to their puppy people! There’s still time! 😉

    Thank you.

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