Glen of Imaal Terrier Judges 2015

After the Kennel Club meeting of 22nd October the following Judges were released for 2015

05/03/2015 Crufts Mrs P J Withers

04/04/2015 National Terrier Club Mr R M Cross

19/04/2015 EFG Open Show  Mr M Phillips

07/05/2015 Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd Mr H J O’Donoghue (Republic of Ireland)

15/05/2015 Scottish Kennel Club Mr P R Eardley

22/05/2015 Bath Canine Society Mr W R Irving

21/08/2015 Welsh Kennel Club Mr A P Stephenson

18/09/2015 Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd Mr P E Bakewell

09/10/2015 South Wales Kennel Association Mrs E S Foy

29/11/2015 Glen Of Imaal Terrier Association Miss P Clayton