It was Discover Dogs last weekend!

The very last Discover Dogs at Earls Court. We have been going down for over a decade and until last year the breeds have been organised in Groups, but then there was the experiment of changing the group system to an Alphabetical system and apparently the general public preferred this method so it was repeated this year.

I have to report the one thing the public profoundly dislike is the splitting of the dogs into A-K at one end of the hall and the rest at the other end.

It was very busy as usual and the two days flew past. On Saturday the breed was represented by Eileen and Bill Slade with Sunny, Sue and Andy Hughes with Reilly, Kiki with Astrid (David was watching the rugby) and Alan and Sally with Murfi.

Sunday saw Lynne and Gordon Fraser, daughter Kate all grown up now and fully qualified in sound systems with boyfriend Chris they brought Dylan and Misty, Sean Penny with Laia and David Godfrey with Riley.

Grateful thanks must go to all the DD gang that travel to represent and talk about our breed.

Anne Hardy