2014 Glen Health Survey is nearing the end..but not quite

This is a Glen of Imaal Terrier …  It’s a nice looking dog, isn’t it?  But will it give its people the full life and companionship it should?  Nobody can really be 100% sure of anything, but shouldn’t we all be doing our best?  The 2014 Glen Health Survey closing date has been extended, so if you haven’t filled it in why not give it a go?  It can’t do any harm and it could do a lot of good.  Indeed it may even help future breeders be able to say, “Yes, that nice looking Glen of Imaal Terrier WILL give its owners a full quota of healthy, trouble-free years of love.”


The health survey closing date has been extended by another two weeks to Friday 12th December.  We haven’t quite reached our targets of 122 UK responses … or an overall total of 300 completed surveys.

WHY is it important to do this survey for all our Glens …?  It’s important to help future generations of Glens …

HOW …?  Researchers need “proof” … by way of robust data … that a breed has a health issue before they will consider a research project … and that robust data needs to come from a reasonable number of Glens both affected by (“cases”) and unaffected by (“controls”) for a particular condition.  We may be able to request the help of scientists to look at specific health problems highlighted within the breed … and this, in turn, will help future generations of Glens … IF enough owners help by participating in this survey!

Please fill in the survey if your Glen is fit and healthy!

Please fill in the survey if your Glen has a health problem/s. We hear about Glens with SKIN problems and ALLERGIES … and about Glens with a problem called PREMATURE CLOSURE OF THE DISTAL ULNA (PCDU), which may also be referred to as ANGULAR LIMB DEFORMITY (ALD).

If your Glen has ever had skin issues or allergies … or if s/he has ever had serious limping issues (with or without an official diagnosis) … please complete the survey!

If you’re happy for you and your Glen/s to be involved in research that may arise from this survey, please don’t forget to include your name and email address in the “Permissions” section at the end of the survey.  Thank you.