It was Discover Dogs last weekend!

The very last Discover Dogs at Earls Court. We have been going down for over a decade and until last year the breeds have been organised in Groups, but then there was the experiment of changing the group system to an Alphabetical system and apparently the general public preferred this method so it was repeated this year.

I have to report the one thing the public profoundly dislike is the splitting of the dogs into A-K at one end of the hall and the rest at the other end.

It was very busy as usual and the two days flew past. On Saturday the breed was represented by Eileen and Bill Slade with Sunny, Sue and Andy Hughes with Reilly, Kiki with Astrid (David was watching the rugby) and Alan and Sally with Murfi.

Sunday saw Lynne and Gordon Fraser, daughter Kate all grown up now and fully qualified in sound systems with boyfriend Chris they brought Dylan and Misty, Sean Penny with Laia and David Godfrey with Riley.

Grateful thanks must go to all the DD gang that travel to represent and talk about our breed.

Anne Hardy


Glen of Imaal Terrier Judges 2015

After the Kennel Club meeting of 22nd October the following Judges were released for 2015

05/03/2015 Crufts Mrs P J Withers

04/04/2015 National Terrier Club Mr R M Cross

19/04/2015 EFG Open Show  Mr M Phillips

07/05/2015 Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd Mr H J O’Donoghue (Republic of Ireland)

15/05/2015 Scottish Kennel Club Mr P R Eardley

22/05/2015 Bath Canine Society Mr W R Irving

21/08/2015 Welsh Kennel Club Mr A P Stephenson

18/09/2015 Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd Mr P E Bakewell

09/10/2015 South Wales Kennel Association Mrs E S Foy

29/11/2015 Glen Of Imaal Terrier Association Miss P Clayton


Another Health Survey week gone


 There are just over two weeks to go before the closing date of Friday 28th November for our health survey:


In the UK Kennel Club’s Purebred Dog Health Survey of 2004, there were 61 responses … for 55 living and 6 deceased Glens.

Our own 2014 health survey has received 84 UK responses, so far … but we would like to try to achieve at least double the number submitted back in 2004.  This means we still have (at least!) another 38 to go …

The Kennel Club had a disappointingly low number of contact email addresses for Glen owners on their database … just 107  for 760 Glens registered since 1st January 2000 … and it is likely that a number of these email addresses are out of date.  We hope to have reached a few more Glen owners via promotion on the Kennel Club website and its online journal, Kennel Scope; via the two dog newspapers, Our Dogs and Dog World; and through Dogs Monthly magazine, and the veterinary profession’s journal, Veterinary Record.  Our best response rate, although this is mainly INTERnational, appears to have been via Facebook groups.

We are, therefore, turning to BREEDERS, who can potentially make a BIG difference to the participation numbers for this survey!

Just looking back at litters born in the UK from the beginning of 2011 to the beginning of this year … (three years) … 195 puppies have been registered with the KC … from 25 breeders.  Most of these breeders are aware of the survey!  And, hopefully, most of these breeders still have contact details for their puppy people!  If breeders can pass on details of the health survey to the owners of all these Glens … including those who are now living outside the UK … we could, potentially, double our current response rate of 11%!  And if breeders of Glens born in the years 2000 to 2011 send the survey link to all their puppy people for whom they still have contact details … well, the sky could be the limit!

It would be great to have a surge of completed surveys received in the last few weeks of the survey!

Thank you all for your support … please click on the link above to go to our survey page.

Thank you very much to everyone who has already completed the survey.

“Working together towards a healthy future for our lovely breed”


Applause to all!

Glen of Imaal Terrier people certainly like being out and about. At the JKL International Show in Finland BOB was awarded to Glenrosedale Ardal with Gleann Nora BOS and Best Veteran. Over in America GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned was BOB both days at Hernando County and topped this by taking Group 3 on the second day. The Kalamazoo Cluster saw GCH Abberann Torcan get the BOB ribbon on all four days. On the “Brains” side Winston took his first leg in Senior Earthdog. In the UK Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire had Jeonty MeMe Fern take the Best of Breed rosette.

From Poland Teresa & Maciej send the following:-

this are the results from the annual Terriers Club Show which was held this weekend in Kielce (the host of the European Dog Show in 2018). “Club shows” have their unique charming appeal and significance in Poland: while there are plentiful opportunities to gain CACIB, the title of the Winner of the Club is awarded only once a year.This year the European Champion FINN GLENN Glen Limited Edition was awarded the Winner of the Club and the BOB titles. The Winner of the Club title went also to the bitch FIRHIR Glen Limited Edition.

Great going everybody!!


As the year begins to wind down…

Realised that we’ve been lacking a bit this year in keeping up to date with the Glen of Imaal Terrier “Top” system, so here goes. Up to October Top Joint Glens were Abberann Phelan & Brockland Brayhead Lad both with 2CCs and interestingly opposite ends of the age scale, Top Puppy Romainville Jazzman and Top Stud Dog Amhard Damson Sauce with Top Brood Bitch Briar Rose of Romainville.

From the Committee

A short Committee meeting was held after the EFG Glen of Imaal Terrier breed specific seminar at Mappleboough on the 19th October.

Alison Seal gave the committee a short update on the progress with the health survey. Gathering information about health will help the breed understand what issues may exist in the long term. It was agreed that members should all be encourage to complete the survey if possible. Results will be available in the new year.

The breed seminar was, from feedback already given,felt to have been a success-a report of the event will appear in the newsletter

It was decided to hold the EFG open show in conjunction with Birmingham Gundog and Terrier once again on the April 2015 date. In keeping with the intended policy of one year all rounder and one year breed/terrier the judge for 19th April will be Martin Phillips. Nominations for 2016 and 2017 shows will be invited from members with voting taking place at the AGM.

The possibility was mooted of holding the 2015 AGM with a grooming seminar. Dogs in the right state of coat will be needed so the newsletter will ask for volunteers.

2015 will see the 10th Year of the Companion Show so it, plus eye testing, will certainly be held on July 11th at Swineshead.

Want to meet some Glen of Imaal Terriers?

If you live in the South East, South Coast, Home Counties or having a trip out to London to see the poppies this weekend you could always take a trip to Discover Dogs. As well as Glen of Imaal Terriers you’ll find

Another Health Survey week has gone by

Our health survey is now into its sixth week.  We have received 180 responses to date and so we are well on the way to our target of 300.  With just under 4 weeks until the closing date of Friday 28th November, we need to average 40 responses per week.

It is important to collect health data from as many Glen of Imaal Terriers as possible, so that we can get an idea of the overall health of the breed … and also so that we can identify any conditions that may need further monitoring and/or research.

We have received 70 responses from the UK and the other 110 responses have come from Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, the USA and a couple of other countries.

Of the 180 responses, 20 (11%) are for Glens that have sadly died.  We appreciate that it is difficult to complete a survey for a Glen who has died, but this provides us with some useful mortality data and we would like to thank all the owners who have visited the “End of life” page for their Glen.

The split between dogs and bitches is:

83 dogs (46% ) 97 bitches (54%)

The boys have a bit of catching up to do!

If you have not yet completed the survey for your Glen, please do so when you have a few spare minutes!  If you are a breeder, we should be grateful if you would kindly pass on details of the survey to any of your puppy people with whom you still in contact … as well as complete the survey for your Glens, of course!

Here is the link to our health survey page – – from where you can access the survey.

There is a SURVEY PREVIEW on the survey page – please do have a read through to familiarise yourself with the format and questions, before starting the survey “for real”.

Please do not hesitate to contact Alison Seall – Tel. 01403 269038 or Email: if you:

  • have any queries about the survey;
  • need help with the survey;
  • wish to make any changes e.g. add or delete contact details or correct any errors.

Thank you for your support.

November and still out and about

Glen of Imaal Terrier owners are still keen to get out and about. First Australian news for a while with a BOB for Ch Kiadale Wee Fallon at the New England Celtic & All Breeds Club in New South Wales. It was the Danish Winners Weekend with BOB going to McCormac Setna Sithbacc at the Herning International Show and McCormac Raitnait Kilraghts taking the Winners BOB. At the Riverside KC Halloween Show in California Jeonty Sunny Sky Baby took the Top Ribbons.

Well done all!

McCormac Setna Sithbacc & McCormac Raitnait Kilraghts

McCormac Setna Sithbacc & McCormac Raitnait Kilraghts

Jeonty Sunny Sky Baby

Jeonty Sunny Sky Baby