Goodbye 2014.

Another year already, where did the time go? As usual we have to do the “Oscar Speech” of thanking the director and the producer but most of all it has to be the extras that are thanked in this variant. All the Glen of Imaal Terriers who perform effortlessly all the year to bring a bit of Glendom to everybody that meets them. They are the reason we get together on this page so thanks to them and thanks to all for sending the news and photographs. It couldn’t happen without you so do consider an extra New Year resolution; keeping the EFG blog EVEN MORE the place “that keeps Glen of Imaal people up to date”.


Glen of Imaal Association Critique


Many thanks to every one for the good entry, it was nice to see so many Glens.

There seems to be more and more being bred with heavy ears and lack of bone, also a couple of straight fronts, strong bone and sturdy body is a requirement of the Glen, let us not forget what they where bred for.

Minor Puppy Dog 1st Mrs K George & Garnham. Romainville Dilligaf.

Good front and head with good bite nice eye correct ear set moderate neck correct shoulders and correct top line good tail set good angulations , had correct front but moving on a tight lead made him pin, a loose lead would correct this.

2nd Mr a &Mrs B Dunning, Romainville Freddies Choice.

Good head and bite, round dark eye with correct ear set good front moderate neck level top line correct tail set. Not quite settled on move.

Puppy Dog 1st J Alstead, Golden Spurs.

Well balanced puppy with correct front strong jaw and good bite nice eye and ears moderate length of neck good lay of shoulders deep chest level top line correct tail set good angulations neat feet moved well. Looked good from side gait

2nd Mrs K George& Garnham. Romainville Dilligaf

Post Graduate Dog. 1st Mr J & Mrs J. Sage, Romainville Fast N Furious At Wickholm

Although stood alone he was a nice lad to go over. Good solid dog ample bone correct front, good width of skull strong jaw with correct bite nice eye good ear set and

moderate neck with level top line deep chest good angulations looked good on the move.

Limit Dog 1st Mrs A & Mr M Hardy, Amhard High Flyer.

Another good solid dog with good front strong jaw good bite, nice eye good ear shape and set moderate neck correct length of upper arm good level top line deep chest well muscled , good angulations moved with drive and looked the part from the side gait. Pleased to award Reserve Dog CC. and Reserve Best in Show

2nd Mrs L Fraser, Kirikee Celtic Warrior.

Nice head strong jaw and good bite nice eye and ear set moderate length of neck good front and deep chest good top line and well angulated , Handsome boy but moved heavily.

3rd J Withers, Panjantick Star Trooper.

Open Dog, 1st Mrs A White, Abberann Phelan.

A stunning dog with strong head and jaw good bite and round eye of good colour correct shape and ear set moderate length of neck good front deep chest with plenty of heart room correct length of upper arm, with broad width of shoulders level top line and good tail set, very well muscled and with correct length of coat, the dog moved with drive and looked good from all angles. Groomed to perfection handled well Pleased to award him the Dog CC and Best in Show.

2ndMrs K George, Romainville Billy Wizz

Good head and eye correct bite good lay of shoulder nice body shape correct top line good angulations all round. Lovely coat and condition. Moved sound.

3rd Mrs CJ Rogers, Begorrey Wannabe Victory By Jeonty


Minor Puppy Bitch. 1st, Mrs K George, Romainville Anna Belle

Sweet little puppy with good front and good bite dark eye good ear set moderate neck with level top line and correct tail set with good angulations moved well round the ring.

2nd Mr S Percy, Ringhaddy Teal,

A raw puppy needs a lot more ring work to settle her down, nice head good bite and ear set with moderate length of neck level top line.

3rd Mrs K George, Romainville Maggie May


Puppy Bitch, 1st Mrs A White, Daultons Midnight Sky of Galore.

A stunning puppy with correct front and strong jaw and bite correct width of skull and ear set and moderate neck level top line and good tail set ,correct length of upper arm good angulations, moved well. Best Puppy In Show

2nd Mrs A & Mr M Hardy, Bonny Nell

A sweet little Bitch with good head and bite correct ears moderate neck level top line good set of tail good angulations ,correct double coat moved well.

3rd A Studd, Wickholm Gone in Sixty Secs.

Junior Bitch 2nd Mrs & Mr Amhard Indi Kate

Lovely bitch good head and bite good ear set and moderate neck level top line and nice tail set moved nice rear angulation . Moved sound around the ring nice side gait.

2nd A Studd, Wickholm Gone in Sixty Secs.

Correct bite good eye level top line good tail set moved well.

Post Graduate Bitch 1st Mrs S Smith, Bendikes Edith May.

Good solid bitch with good front and strong head and eye good bite correct ear set moderate neck good top line and tail set correct length of upper arm and good angulations moved with drive. Lovely temperment.

2nd Mrs B J Baldock, Ellerton Dusky Beauty.

Good head and eye correct bite, level top line good angulations, She was unhappy with both her owner and me about being at the show but happily moved around the ring.

Limit bitch 1st Mrs A & Mr M Hardy, Amhard Ginger Snap.

Lovely bitch with correct front strong head good bite nice eye and ear set moderate neck and level top line good tail set deep chest and correct angulations moved with drive around the ring.

2nd Mrs C J Rogers, Jeonty Me Me Fern,

Good head and jaw with good bite and dark eye moderate neck level top line good tail set in good coat moved well around the ring.

3rd Mrs S Smith Grizzlemarsh Dorathea,

Open Bitch 1st Mrs K George

,Romainville Ellie

Very nice bitch with good front and strong jaw correct bite nice dark eye good stop , level top line good shoulder placement well angulated well off for bone moved with drive, Coat correct texture and groomed out well, shown well.Pleased to award Bitch C.C

2nd Mrs A White, Abberann Dersla.

Stunning bitch good front strong jaw with correct dark eye good stop correct ears moderate neck level top line correct tail set good shoulder placement and length of upper arm well muscled in good coat move with drive pressed hard for first place, pleased to award Reserve Bitch CC.

3rd Mrs BJ Baldock, CH Jeonty Maybe Daysee.

Donald Harley (Judge)



6 sleeps to go….

Less than a week and then it’s Christmas so how about something (for us) a bit different? We’ve done lots of things (with our strapline of keeping Glen of Imaal Terrier people up to date) over the days-1650 of them and still counting-but rarely do “just” photographs. So for three days next week how about just celebrating our breed? We’re thinking anything that just says Look I’m a Glen so over to you for Mr Monday, Mr Tuesday and Madam Wednesday to star on here.

What’s going to be done with all this “health” then?

The breed is doing it and so is the Kennel Club but what exactly is all this “health” about? It’s about showing that we all care about our dogs. We’re trying our best to get Glen of Imaal Terriers onto the right track in case anything happens in the future. We’re still incredibly lucky in Glens insofar most of them get born, live and then die at a double figured age without too much bother. Thing is though sometimes shit happens and maybe, possibly, hopefully perhaps, all the form filling that, anybody who cares, has been doing could help provide a solution somewhere down the line. It isn’t just us that is doing it all pedigree breeds, and people who care, are. The Kennel Club does a quarterly newsletter for Veterinary Practices that informs them of what is going on in “our” world and Winter 2014 tells all vets that Glen people will be trying!!

And onto 2015.

Last weekend the Eukanuba World Challenge saw the Affenpinscher from the 2014 World Show get nodded to the number one spot. The schedules are already out for the 2015 World Show in Milan in June. It’s a great city with great shopping so if anybody is thinking of a holiday trip there are the normal ruck of shows around the main event and the Glen of Imaal Terrier judge is Peter Green!

Health Survey: Breed is over but what about the Kennel Club?

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Health Survey ran for nearly 11 weeks, from Monday 29th September to Friday 12th December and we received a fantastic 382 responses from 13 countries in 3 continents!

  • The UK response (130) represents 34% of the completed surveys
  • The US response (138) represents 36% of the completed surveys
  • The Finnish response (51) represents 13% of the completed surveys
  • The response from the other 10 countries (63) represents 17% of the completed surveys

We would like to say a very big “Thank you!” to everyone who has completed the survey for their Glens … all your contributions are very much appreciated and valued.The process of analysing and reporting on the data will begin after the Christmas and New Year festivities.  We hope to have a report ready for publication by March / April 2015. ​

Like buses though, you wait forever and two come along together, so whilst in practice and you know where the details are why not do the Kennel Club Health Survey?

“The 2014 Pedigree Breed Health Survey is open to owners of all Kennel Club breed-registered dogs, both living and deceased (since 2004).  It is hoped that the results of the survey will help to provide a clear picture of the prevalence of current health concerns and will enable evidence-based decisions to be made to improve dog health.  The Kennel Club encourages as many owners as possible to take part in this questionnaire, which will collect data on health, breeding, behaviour and morbidity”