What’s going to be done with all this “health” then?

The breed is doing it and so is the Kennel Club but what exactly is all this “health” about? It’s about showing that we all care about our dogs. We’re trying our best to get Glen of Imaal Terriers onto the right track in case anything happens in the future. We’re still incredibly lucky in Glens insofar most of them get born, live and then die at a double figured age without too much bother. Thing is though sometimes shit happens and maybe, possibly, hopefully perhaps, all the form filling that, anybody who cares, has been doing could help provide a solution somewhere down the line. It isn’t just us that is doing it all pedigree breeds, and people who care, are. The Kennel Club does a quarterly newsletter for Veterinary Practices that informs them of what is going on in “our” world and Winter 2014 tells all vets that Glen people will be trying!!