An interesting suggestion!!

As is repeatedly said this blog only happens through your input so the “End of the Years are being declared, have a look at them, their pedigrees and where they have won” email evoked interest.

First of all many congratulations to the Glen of Imaal Terriers of 2014 in the UK & Ireland, Finland and America. Champions Abberann Phelan, Gleann Una Noonan and Finnabair Ardmore Ned have certainly got Glens noticed last year. So why the email? The KC, AKC and FCI all have slightly different breed standards and there was a bit of travelling going on last year. Also the pedigree enthusiasts will be interested, especially if pushed back more than the usual 5 or 6 generations. Enjoy looking at the breed’s Top Dogs in three countries and if any other Number One would like to join in….

Usually a post isn’t added to once up but a different point has come up. An effort was made to find the best photographs to illustrate the dogs. Tiina picked her own for Una and the equivalent was looked for to illustrate Phelan and Ned. We thought it could be seen that Phelan is taken across a ring so a closer up shot was used on the move. Ned is just stood there, totally unstacked and natural, so a more handler influenced moving shot was decided upon. A formal stacked and handled shot of Ned on a podium has been sent-it’s now included in the gallery

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  1. as someone not too familiar, can you explain the difference in these regions? I heard ned Won a show in Finland, as well as many In the us? how does that compare to uk/Finland recognition that Phelan and Una Noonan received? was the world dog show in Finland not judged by Finnish standards with full tails

    • In the United States, Ned has won Best of Breed at the World Dog Show, an All Breed Best in Show in the US, a Terrier Specialty Best In Show, our National Specialty, 15 Group Ones and dozens of other Group placements, Best of Breed at Westminster and the Eukanuba Dog Show. He has competed against dogs from multiple countries and breeders. He is the top winning Glen of all time in the US to date, but I’m not sure how that compares to Phelan and Una’s wins.

      • Mary, not exactly subtle. Next time we must think about charging for advert by breeder


  2. The World Dog Show which Ned (GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned) won last summer made an exception allowing Glens with docked tails to be shown in 2014. This rarely happens so Ned’s breeder and owners jumped on the chance to show him against the Glens in Europe with a very very successful outcome.

  3. It is not just Finnish standards, docking is against the law in Finland. It would be very questionable not to allow dogs to participate from those countries that still allows docking. Congratulations to team Ned anyway, well done!

  4. Not trying to be subtle, Liz. The gentleman asked a question and I answered it. I have nothing to sell, as Ned will be returning to his owners in a month and we have no interest in him joining the ‘Stud of the Month Club’. Just statin’ the facts, mam 🙂

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