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  1. sorry does anybody have advice on HISTIOCYTOMA, its a red lump about the size of a five pence piece, I took my dog to the vet asap they took a sample. the results came back as HISTIOCYTOMA which the vet said he was hoping it was, he said its good news. when I went back I see a different vet from the same place, he told me that he should do surgery asap withing 48 hours at the cost of thousand pound. I spoke to the 1st vet that I see at the beginning and he told me surgery should be last resort unless the lump gets bigger which it has not. as all us dog owners know money is no object when it comes to the wellfair of our dogs.does anybody have any adive.

  2. I forgot to mention the lump is on paddy’s paw. which one of the vets said its not a good place to do surgery.

  3. I must get my 2 bobs worth in here Allison… it’s not a telephone kiosk…telephone box…lol

  4. When my first Glen had a lump on one his front legs, the vet thought it was a benign histiocytoma.
    My vet’s advice was to have the lump surgically removed … but only because it had ulcerated. In her experience, once a lump starts to ulcerate, it becomes a cycle of ulcerate, treat, ulcerate, treat, etc.

    I’m glad you’ve had a biopsy and confirmation of the diagnosis … at least you know what it is …

    If the tumour is benign … (I think that histiocytomas are benign but check the lab report) … small, not growing rapidly or impingeing on movement or other function and not ulcerated, then surely it is best left alone …?

    Rory’s was removed and sent off to the lab … the vet’s provisional diagnosis was wrong and he actually had a skin cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) … that was when he had just turned six years old … he lived until three months short of his 13th birthday.

    It is certainly worth getting lumps checked out and biopsied if they don’t resolve …

  5. paddy’s lump looks a lot better today, the vet said it looks a lot better, he was put on the scales and seems to have put on some weight, 47 pound. i think he’s got to cut down on the biscuits. lol

  6. lol I know Stephen, I keep telling them that myself. they call him paddy pork chop. but to be honest he’s not fat, his very big boned. I think his head weighs 20 pound alone lol. I hope to bring him to see you one day Stephen, so you can see him in the flesh.

  7. I would volunteer to help our glens out if needed no problem. 5th, 8th march or any other time.

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