Just for one day

Today something happens; Jean Rogers will say her final goodbye to Tony. Tony wasn’t an exhibitor, he wasn’t a breeder, he didn’t come to shows much and he didn’t do pedigrees. He was “just Tony” back at home looking after the dogs for Jean whom he adored. “Just Tony” exasperated, annoyed, irritated and frustrated Jean but he was her rock. He was the man who could. He could make home happen so she could go out and about; he could spend hours making sure things worked; he could be relied on to be there and now he has gone.

You may not have ever met this Tony but, if you are in dogs, you will probably have your Tony somewhere. There will be a person that maybe lives with you or just down the road. Maybe they will be on the end of a phone or somebody seen three times a year. The Just Tony people are the ones that keep us all going and the ones that, when days like today come for Jean, aren’t there anymore we will be all so lost. So read this, send out a finger to Jean and remember to tell “your Tony” just what they mean because one day you may not be able to.