Just for one day

Today something happens; Jean Rogers will say her final goodbye to Tony. Tony wasn’t an exhibitor, he wasn’t a breeder, he didn’t come to shows much and he didn’t do pedigrees. He was “just Tony” back at home looking after the dogs for Jean whom he adored. “Just Tony” exasperated, annoyed, irritated and frustrated Jean but he was her rock. He was the man who could. He could make home happen so she could go out and about; he could spend hours making sure things worked; he could be relied on to be there and now he has gone.

You may not have ever met this Tony but, if you are in dogs, you will probably have your Tony somewhere. There will be a person that maybe lives with you or just down the road. Maybe they will be on the end of a phone or somebody seen three times a year. The Just Tony people are the ones that keep us all going and the ones that, when days like today come for Jean, aren’t there anymore we will be all so lost. So read this, send out a finger to Jean and remember to tell “your Tony” just what they mean because one day you may not be able to.

23 thoughts on “Just for one day

  1. How we’re going to miss the backroom boy. He’ll be up there someone, on his ride on mower, cap on his head, sorting out somebody, fixing something or sorting out dogs!

    Will miss the lovely chats at the club soirees too.

    Jean, you know we’re thinking of you and here when you need us.

    Love Nicki, Richard and Mutley xx

  2. Dear Jean, we are sorry we won’t be with you today after all, but send our love. Tony will be missed, but we all have some great memories of him; remember the time he locked me in one of your kennels and came indoors……? Of course it was an accident!!!!
    Speak to you soon,
    love from Joanne, Jamie, Jack & Emily xx

  3. Thinking of you today Jean, we have very fond memories of Tony and are always grateful for how welcome he always made us feel. Tony gave us great advise as new owners of our Glens and shared his stories and experience with us. Lots of love. Linda, Sam, Charlotte, Harry, Ruby and Kaos. xxxxx

  4. We haven’t yet met, Jean, but surely will one day in company of our Glens. Even if that day is at ‘Rainbow Bridge’ and you are once more in the joyful company again of Tony. So sorry to hear of you loss. Know that our prayers are with you. Joe and Wendy Behe, West Cork.

  5. So sorry to hear your sad news. We never actually met in the end as we were ready to come up and meet you, your husband and Glens when our granddaughter made an earky appearance, you may remember. Thanks to you, we now have our lovely pup, now 11 months, of the Wickholm brood and I will be thinking of you today.

  6. Dear Jean, Our love and thoughts are with you today, when you say ‘goodbye’ to your dear Tony.

    He will forever be in our hearts with special memories of the good times on long summer days, with people sharing the same passion for our dogs. Hope to see you soon. love Sue, Al & Bryn xxx

  7. Jean, thinking of you today when you are saying goodbye to your dear Tony.It isn’t easy to say goodbye to those you love.
    Ulrika G Bergmark

  8. A lovely service today. Jean and Debbie both spoke about their loss with great dignity – and how Tony would have loved the get-together afterwards!

  9. Jean, I have you in my thoughts. I am so very sorry for your great loss. I have been there and I know a bit about how it feels. There are no words. I send you love and remembrance,
    Holly Best

  10. I have my own Tony, known as Keith, without whom I couldn’t do what I do, so sorry.x

  11. Oh Jean, I am SO sorry for your loss! It has been very many years since I was on that side of the
    pond, enjoying your hospitality. But I surely remember Tony, taking care of things. He will be sorely missed! I hope you and the dogs can find comfort in one another, as I am sure you are all hurting. Take care of yourselves…
    As to the original announcement, it was right on! We do all have our own Tony, and we need to be grateful every day… so easy to take them for granted 😦

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