Let’s do catch up!

Many Glen of Imaal Terrier people may look on January and February as the relaxing months of the year but it isn’t for one team. Griffin and Kelli have taken four (yes 4!!) Working titles already this year. Nosework 1, Junior Earthdog, Novice Jumpers Preferred and Barn Hunt Novice makes for one seriously impressive haul! Kennel mate Winston has also been adding to his tally with a Senior Barn Hunt title and also Nose work 1. What a credit to the breed Kelli makes these two. Laura Trainor and Niamh have also been impressing at the Wesminster Agility Championships which are held on the run up to the “showring stuff”. Have a look how their qualifying run went

At Turku International Show in Finland BOB was Marfidal Koitiva Vaara with BOS was Rosears Humpty Dumpty. The Danish International Show at Fredericia saw McCormac Setna Sithbacc take the BOB rosette home. At the Tallin 2015 Winter Cup siblings Glenrosedale Ardal Ridire Ain Ri and Glenrosedale Aoibheann Nion Ros took home the Estonian titles.

GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned has been “training” for Westminster with a remarkable TWO Best In Shows at Rocky Mountain Terrier Club and Colorado KC plus a Reserve Best In Show at Plum Creek Kennel Club. GCH Emerald Isle’s Keely with Daulton took a Group 2 at Livonia and CH Emerald Isle’s Wild Irish Rose got made up at the West Washington Cluster giving breeder Anne Marie Pember four AKC Champions to her name so qualification for the AKC Breeder of Merit award. Glentyrs Lady Isabelle at Castlerock received the BOB rosette at Lakeland Winter Haven Kennel Club and Keadeen’s Blue Boy For Bluesette took two Best of Breeds at the aforementioned Washington Cluster.

Best of Breed at West Midlands Terrier was Pajantick Star Trooper and at Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire Ahard Just in Thyme was BOB and BP. If any emails have been misplaced during the winter break do send them again and they will (of course) be included and very soon as this week is Westminster. Yes, the AKC biggie begins today and Terriers are on Tuesday but if you need to get your eye in and make sure the streaming is being picked up live breed judging can be seen from this afternoon. Hopefully Wednesday will see the results and photographs on here…hint…hint


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  1. Dear EFG,

    I am emailing in case you can offer some advice.

    We live in London and are already the owners of the best dog in the world, Konnagar Gold Mia (Daisy), who will have her 4th birthday in April. We had hoped to put her to stud and keep one of her puppies, but her seasons have been erratic and we are beginning to think that we might be wiser to buy a Glen puppy instead.

    Daisy is very much a family dog rather than a show dog, and as a result we aren’t plugged in to the Glen community as much as some, although we are members of GOITA and I enjoy your posts greatly. We know how few puppies there are to be had and don’t want to miss any opportunities to snap one up.

    I have registered for alerts with the puppy finder pages at the KC and Champdogs. Do you have any other tips? Do you know of any impending litters?

    With very best wishes,

    Kate Emms


    • Hello Kate

      Getting in touch with the breed club secretaries is a good start for anyone looking for puppies, as they are usually “in the know” about puppies on the ground and planned / upcoming litters.

      We have two breed clubs. Here are contact details for the secretaries:

      Jean Rogers – Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts and Fanciers Club (EFG) can be contacted at Jean@e-f-g.co.uk. Website: http://www.e-f-g.co.uk

      You would be most welcome to join the EFG! Here is the membership application form!

      Click to access 9394e6_a6fdddc36ff063cb072c5e7ab74ff5de.pdf

      Anne Hardy – Glen of Imaal Terrier Association (GOITA) can be contacted at Anne@goita.co.uk. Website: http://www.goita.co.uk

      If you are free on Saturday 7th March, you could come to Crufts at the NEC … it’s a great opportunity to meet lots of other Glens, and meet and talk to breeders. (Unfortunately, you will not be able to bring Daisy along … Kennel Club rules).

      Glens are exhibiting in Hall 1, Ring 2. There are usually breed signs up, so once you’ve found the Hall, you should be able to find the Glen of Imaal Terrier sign … and all of us! There are 30 Glens entered this year but we won’t be in the ring until after 130 Soft Coated Wheatens have been judged … so plenty of time to meet lots of Glens and their people in the morning!

      Here’s a link to the Crufts website … you can purchase tickets in advance and avoid long queues!


      If you buy a catalogue, it lists all the Glens entered – name, DOB, sire & dam and breeder name – and also the owner’s name, address and telephone number (although some people prefer to withhold their details). Each Glen has an exhibit number … all the dogs are “benched” and cards with each dog’s number are displayed along the benches, so you can easily put a name to a number! We are very small community, so most of us can point you in the direction of someone you particularly wish to talk to!

      If you do come to Crufts, please come and say “Hello!”

      Good luck!

      Best wishes, Alison

    • Kate, if you can make the trip to the NEC and Crufts to meet Glen people you should do it. Facebook is okay for long distance but actual person to person cannot be beaten. There are more puppies than you think!

  2. Kate do you Facebook? We have a few glen pages if you do, loads of glen people and lots of opportunities to blink up with breeders

    Enthusiasts & fanciers of glens for this club, glen of imaal association and glen lovers of the world x

  3. Mrs Emms
    Might i suggest you go around and have a look at Glens you will see what you like! second do you really want two glens in a house i for one wouldnt. Two dogs yes but bitches no thank you! Ask people who keep a number of glens about their management .
    On seasons glens can be one season a year,once every 18 months ? their funny old mares but personally two bitches in a house no.

  4. Thanks everyone. We are coming to Crufts so will hope to meet you there and talk about the possibilities. It looks as if Daisy has just started her season after all, so we will have to see how that turns out.

    And I do do Facebook, so will look out for the Glen pages there too.

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